Blessings from Kraljevo!Dear brothers, sisters and friends in

Blessings from Kraljevo!

Dear brothers, sisters and friends in Christ Jesus, just a couple of sentences and pictures we will inform you about our ministries in the past few months to be able to encourage you to join with us and rejoice in prayer and in the work of the Lord.

From the service of evangelization, will mention three events:

1 Mother’s Day: The Hepner family and our family invited acquaintances, mostly couples, to an evening of fellowship.  The main topic was “Adam and Eve-who’s to blame?” It was interesting to hear the thoughts of people who for the first time thought about this question.  We also had a male/female quiz …


2.Easter games in Kraljevo: we gathered children, parents, and young people on the occasion of the Easter holidays (May 5) in the center of the city.  We held a contest for the hardest egg, the best egg and then we had a Easter Egg hunt!   We had help from the football team and also Daniel and Marina of the association “Children’s Mission” whom were a great help and support throughout the project.

Of course, our goal was to introduce the purpose of Christ’s resurrection and to share the Gospel.  We were able to do this in a very child friendly way. It is particularly encouraging that all around us was a huge rain falling but not in Kraljevo until we finalize everything, we just felt the full protection of God, glory to God for this work!

СликаСлика3.Brothers and sisters from Hawaii, just arrived in Kraljevo missionary journey, because there is a family Hepner, they were their hosts. They were a blessing to us, a lot of celebrating, socializing in English conversation classes, gave out over 70 new testaments, CD-Jesus movies, a lot of new contacts with young people, in a word, an oasis of God’s blessings. May the Lord bless you!


**Gypsy settlement, we spent the winter in a house (which is supposed to be a gypsy church, but …) we are back with the kids in the park until the Lord provides another place to meet.  For now it is OK because the winter is still far away.  The children are not very well behaved, but they are joyful and eager to play and socialize. We believe that our efforts are not in vain.


**Family Kaplarević, I met them through a friend who leads an association of “parent.”  We gathered some clothes and even a few things that benefited them.  The mother, Slavica was seriously ill,  and we tried to make the point that the Lord is the source of life and there is peace with Him …Unfortunately, despite all the effort of her husband Dejan, that have a hard struggle with poverty, there are drugs, kids… yet it encourages me that Slavica is thinking about God and reading the Bible, in a good way.


***And finally, what we would like and have a real need for, is renting a space that we can serve all of our activities, to be able to implement more and be effective.  We have Bible studies with the disabled, gypsies, workshops, youth, regular weekly service, women’s groups …

For the citizens of Kraljevo, it would be better if we had a place (other than a home), and of course for us it is easier to organize and lead the entire service.

If you want to be with us in prayer, here’s the real reason for prayer:

1. Lord give us wisdom,

2. strength and endurance

3. to be in the center of His will in all

and in finding finance and everything else needed for the magnificent service of His glory.


In Christ’s love your missionaries from Kraljevo.                2 Peter 3:8 “God is not late with the promise …”

Bethlehem Night in Kraljevo

Dear friends, brothers and sisters,

I congratulate you all on Christmas and New Year, we wish you an abundance of joy, love and blessings from the Lord.
As you know in Central Serbia is mainly celebrated Orthodox Christmas (7.jan) and New Year (14.jan), so we are still in the old year!!!     🙂
Anyway, here is a short news about our ministry in the Lord at the time of the most joyous holidays throughout the year.    My family with the help of friends who were part of our group to study the Bible and many other friends have organized a full-evening program for children of all associations of disabled persons, it was wonderful.                                   Слика Слика

The program we started with the youngest members of the choir of music school, who sang beautiful Christmas carols and then we played a show on the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, called “Night in Bethlehem.” The children were fascinated by, at most they liked the scene with the Emperor Herod, we managed to elicit joy and laughter on their faces, and most importantly, finally, the children had the opportunity to know what is Christmas and also to remind adults. If you like the video:


After the play, we present the gospel message and eventually split shoe boxes, over 100 New Testaments and 200 calendars with Bible verses, we hope and pray to give it all to good effect, that people began to read the Bible.СликаСликаСлика050120131248 The next thing on the horizon is a three-day children’s club in a Gypsy settlement, until then … a blessing!

Family Gecan

First shoebox

Dear brothers, sisters, friends,
Only a few sentences I would like to inform you, encourage you and thank you in relation to the shoe box gifts, because I believe that some of you have packed at least one of them.
The first day we went for the first time in Novi Pazar in a specialist hospital where children were peering in the window waiting for us. Smiles on their faces, the hospitality, the warmth of the heart, they are indicators of how each child was glad to have visited them.
The other day we were in Kraljevo in a special school, where they were prepared for us a nice program, even the children from a nearby village took part playing in folk dance, we all really enjoyed the atmosphere of Christmas.
In the end we visited an association with not-so-nice name, “Association of Families of Kidnapped and Missing Persons with Kosovo and Metohija” was indeed a real privilege in this way to show Christian love to the families. What makes us most happy is that they were happy, open to dialogue and the most that we share about 40 new Testament and many other references, praise the Lord!

And just for the end to mention that we are able to implement all this with brother Phil and


Alan and sisters Michelle and Valerie from the UK.

To all of you who are part of our team, thank you very much for your support and prayers.
We wish you peace and love of

God Mission K

СликаСликаСликаraljevo-family Gecan.


Dear Friends,
I just wanted a few sentences and images to present you as the Lord of our wonderfully blessed weekend.
On Friday, we had help from students from the HUB, we did not waste  time, we immediately went to the division of flyers for correspondence Bible course and then had a joint workshop with the members of the association in patients with cerebral palsy, it was wonderful to see the students enjoying themselves together with these wonderful people.
Saturday was our main day, throughout the day we had an open evangelism in the city center, it is a celebration, clothes, books, plays for children, friendship bracelets …

















I am very glad that myfriends Dejan and Mark (who usually come in a group home) were with us all day.                   The whole action was definitely the glory of God, but on this occasion we have once again demonstrated the love of God through the collection of money for little Tamara who is suffering from cancer and in need of money for an operation in Russia, this gave a very positive view of all Protestant Christians , people are quite happy to take our New Testament and gave his money to the Tamara!

The weekend is over, the students returned to school, but we stayed richer for another evangelism and (we believe) for at least one more to rescued soul. Praise the Lord!
It remains to please and serve well, and we invite you to continue with your valuable prayers for God’s kingdom, and that in Kraljevo,
your family Gecan

Our Story


My name is Jovica Gecan, son’m just a regular patriarchal family, which is involved in agriculture and not really had much time to devote to God, it did not really did not have any at the time, now things have changed.
As a young man of 16 years old the first time I heard verses from the Gospel of John 14:6 where the Bible tells us, “I am the way, the truth and the life, no man cometh to the Father except through me”, these verses have encouraged me to think more deeply And the Lord spoke to him in the sinner’s prayer, but unfortunately later, I returned to teenage life, until I met with my wonderful, wife Catherine, who was also in touch with the youth of Holy Scripture and the Gospel, but also gave up. However, as a young married couple we realize that we do not live the way it is by God’s will for us, again, having heard verses from the book of Revelation Church of Laodicea, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock …” That night it came to a turning point in our lives, it begins our story.

In the spring of 2001, we decided that we have to be members of a church that I have to go to Church, and we found a Baptist church in our village to village, Lalic (place in Backa, Vojvodina), here we are with our very humble brother Steve Valenta, pastor , growing in the Lord, until we realize that we must be baptized with water in the testimony of our faith in God. This happened in 2003, and immediately next year we went as a married couple with two daughters to Bible school, “Oak Hall” in order to better see where and how God really wants us to use, because we believe that no man in the world without some purpose of God.

When we finished with the one-year study of the Holy Scriptures, we talked with the leading brothers engaged in a mission of our will, we want to recognize that I was God’s plan to be a missionary, but first we went back to her place, where we normally live (Russian
Krstur). There we had a small group in our home and tried to work as much as we could, in the fall of 2009 at a meeting of the missionaries we heard the need for missionary couple in Kraljevo, where my wife, our daughter and I felt that it was a place for us, my We have expressed the will of brothers and after a little less than a year ago we moved in Kraljevo as a full missionary workers (1 July 2010).
Our mission organization called “Antioch” which is part of the Baptist church in Serbia
By the grace of God we serve in a variety of ways
And physically helping others (painting, moving, gardening articles, …)-humanitarian aid (food, clothing …)
-Evangelization (concerts, tribune, a division of the tract …), as well as many other individual events through which we can reach people who are interested to hear the word and changing their lives.

If you have an idea or suggestion on how we can celebrate together the Lord, we are ready to cooperate with all healthy, established churches, organizations and individuals as well. Your prayers are very important to us.
The love of God and love to welcome you by missionaries from Kraljevo
Jovica, Katherine, Isidora, Doriana and Mark Gecan.
Romans 10:14-16

Introduction to the City of Kraljevo

Introduction to the City of Kraljevo


The first mention of the name “Rudo Polje”, dating from the distant year 1476 and later given the name “Karanovac”. The final title of “king,” was established in 1882 during the visit of King Milan Obrenovic, at the request of residents.

Otherwise the Kraljevo has great significance because in Orthodoxy is counted as a spiritual center of the Serbian state at the end of the original 12th century monastery Studenica raising, which is in the municipality of Kraljevo and Zica monastery, which was founded in the early 13th century, where he was crowned the first Serbian king Stefan Prvovencani(1217) and later the other 6 Dynasty kings Nemanjić, there is also a medieval city “Maglić” located in the valley of lilac.

Kraljevo is located in the center of the region called “sumadija” and is located at 180 km.southwest of Belgrade. It lies on the banks of three rivers (Ibar,West Morava, Ribnica), also in his district has two major resort and spa “Goc”. The town itself has 58 thousand inhabitants, while the whole municipality has over 122 thousands and is increasing due to the settlement of refugees from Kosovo who first freely take refuge there. The population is mainly of Serbian origin in 80% while the remaining 20% ​​are Muslims, Roma, and perhaps even by a nation.
From the religious point of view, the inhabitants were mainly Orthodox committed by fathers heritage, unfortunately poorly knowing the Scriptures and the Gospel at all. My rough estimate 70% of the people do not know the difference between the New and Old Testament! In addition to an Orthodox church and the church in Kraljevo, and also of the Catholic Church (not active).
Our vision is that every person that is: 1 – read the Bible and pray;
2 – has a personal relationship with God and peace;