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Dear friends,

Greetings from the Milenkovic family. With this, we’d like to thank you for your prayers and your support to us, and to inform you how things are going with us now. It’s been almost 5 months since our return from Memphis back home. It is great that Sara’s been recovering well and that she’s more or less back to her daily routine. She’s been regaining her appetite, she’s even gained about 4 pounds (2 kg). She’s very persistent, hardworking and brave. Although she gets easily tired and her body’s still week, she’s pushing forward. She’s been attending school regularly with her old class and she’s really doing great with her school obligations. We were afraid of how that would work, but we now see that she’s got a huge support of her class-mates and the teacher. We often see different children carrying Sara’s schoolbag on their way back home from school. Really, thank God for that! This is an answer to prayers. In only about two weeks, on January 4th, we are traveling to Sara’s next check up appointment to Memphis. This would always be a challenge for us, so please pray for Sara especially and her time back there.

Jana has started first grade and is enjoying her school, spending time with friends and other things. She misses Memphis and the friends she’s met there. Our little Lena has turned one year last month and  she’s a real trouble maker at this age.

Please keep carrying Sara in your prayers and encourage others to do it as well. We know that sometimes it is hard to keep the same wholehearted prayer spirit for the very same thing, but this is one of those battles that last long and we are thankful to God, because we are not alone in all this. Someone has said: “Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.” This can refer to prayers indeed.

We would like to hear from you, have you write to us, contact us, visit us.

May the joy of Christ’s birth be with you in the New Year 2014. Merry Christmas! Christ is born!


Milenkovic family

Yesterday’s great Surprise

Yesterday’s great Surprise

What a blessing for me as a pastor to see members of my church in Pacir faithfully serve yesterday at the first meeting of the 10-week evangelistic outreach, Alpha Course 2013.

I prayed for a long time that God would show me how to involve believers in ministry, and He showed me that I had to tell them to start praying for one person each, and show them love and kindness. They agreed, and the fruits were clearly seen yesterday.

Seventeen new people attended Alpha Course and, after having dinner together, they listened to the first teaching: Who is Jesus? This is a shocking number, considering the whole village has only 2,500 inhabitants. It was a joy for me to see the believers from Pacir serve eagerly, the sanctuary was full, and even more people are planning to come for the next occasion.
Please pray for us for wisdom in organization and that God would work in the hearts of the guests.


P1040631Dragi prijatelji, Nakon dužeg vremena, ponovo vam se javljamo sa kratkim informacijama i ohrabrenjima kako Bog radi i proslavlja se kroz živote studenata i službu Biblijske škole. Trenutno se nalazimo u osmoj nedelji. Neverovatno je kako vreme brzo prolazi! Naših šesnaestoro studenata je do sada imalo prilike da proučava mnoge biblijske knjige sa brojnim predavačima iz zemlje i inostranstva. Svi su se već navikli na način života u Biblijskoj školi: na predavanja, eseje, dnevne dužnosti, praktične dane, posete crkvama… Veliki je podstrek i za nas da gledamo kako se njihovi životi menjaju kroz sve to. Prethodne, sedme nedelje, studenti su slušali predavanja iz Knjige Isusa Navina, Knjige propovednikove i Poslanice Filipljanima. Na praktičan dan smo išli u selo Jabuka, gde smo posetili Dom za lica ometena u razvoju. U nedelju smo posetili i jednu novoosnovanu crkvu u Beogradu…

Pratite nas i u narednim nedeljama, molite se za studente i službu koja imamo sa njima.

Hvala puno.


Dear friends,

P1040631After a while, we are writing to you again with brief information and encouragements about how God is working and is being glorified in the lives of the students of the Bible school. Currently we’re in the 8th week of the 1st term. Time flies unbelievably fast! Our 16 students have had a chance to study many books of the Bible so far with many teachers from this country and abroad. All of them have already gotten used to the way things work in the Bible school: the lectures, the essays, daily chores, practical days, visits to churches etc. It is also a huge encouragement for us to see how their lives are being changed through all this. During the previous, 7th week, the students had lectures on the Book of Joshua, Ecclesiastes and Philippians. We spent the practical day in the town of Jabuka, where we visited a Home for people with developmental disabilities. On Sunday, we also visited a new founded church in Belgrade…

Follow us in the following weeks as well and please pray for the students and the ministry we have with them.

Thank you very much.

Dear friends in the Lord ,

There goes the whole summer , autumn is already coming, and it is time to write you a few words about us and our services in the beautiful city of Kraljevo.       Throughout the summer holidays we had a bunch of activities, some for children, some for adults.

For the first time, children from the Roma (Gyspy) settlement in Kraljevo had the opportunity to experience the magic of the Christian camp , they were thrilled .  Still today, they are singing happy songs that were learned there СликаСлика


We also had a youth camp, and there were young people from Kraljevo who for the first time attended.  They sang Christian songs, prayed, read the Bible , attended workshops …

One young man,  Stephen, said ” I’m sorry I did not come sooner !”

Last month we had a great event city.  We were thankful to find a way to use the opportunity to evangelize. The city calls it  ” pasuljijada “, which means beans.  The entire city has the opportunity to compete mainly in cooking and advertising their companies, organizations, and associations … We advertised the pure gospel . We cooked a big pot of beans and distributed them to the people.  While they were eating lunch at our booth, they had the opportunity to talk with someone on our team about spiritual matters.  The event and our volunteers were all very well coordinated.  That’s something only God can unite , as one witness , others share literature , the third served … (over 180 people !).   To top it off, we won second place in cooking!  It really is a wonderful way God can use us in such a unique and creative way.СликаСлика

We continue with our ordinary activities, inclucding, hanging out with the associations of the disabled, leaving the Roma settlement , we have a workshop with children from the neighborhood , brother Josh intensely holds very successful English classes , and most importantly has a regular home group every week.

We are extremely pleased that a small group grows, occasionally new friends come and also our regular and well-established friends Mark and Dejan, who gave their lives to Christ.   СликаСлика           

This last image is a building that we prayed about in the last year, if you want you can join us in prayer as well as everything else. It should be a place of our meetings , workshops , forums , a word, a versatile location for the glory of the Lord .

And as the most beautiful news to end this letter, we send you a message , we expect another member of the family who is due to arrive sometime in May , the Lord willing , by then hopefully more good news , and events that the Lord has prepared for us , and our friends and Kraljevo .

In Christ’s love , your missionaries from Kraljevo

Jovica , Catherine, Isidora, Doriana , Mark and …

18 new students in the 18th generation of the HUB Bible school.


Sladjan and Jaroslava write…

Dear friends, brothers and sisters,

18 new students in the 18th generation of the HUB Bible school. What a great start! Praise God for the good work that He is doing.

Please keep praying for this ministry. It is great to see these wonderful people from Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Croatia who are eager to get to know God better through the Scriptures.

An amazing year of fellowship, experience, joy and studying is ahead of them, and us in the team will have a privilege to serve them and be a part of what God does here.

Thank you for your prayers. God is faithful! God is good!

Yours in Christ,

Sladjan and Jaroslava Milenkovic with the HUB team and HUB students

Two new births in Ruma!




Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We would like to take this opportunity to share two very important events that have occurred during the past month.

As mentioned in the title, I would like to share the news about the two births – one in our family and one in our church.

Every birth is a very important and positive thing. New life brings joy, blessings and prosperity. So it is in this case!


                                                           Luka has been born!




          As a family we are so glad that we got another child. Luke came as the sixth member of our family. All about Jaroslava’s pregnancy and delivery went well. Now we enjoy the wonderful gift that the Lord has given us.


                                                               Marko’s birth!


Last month has been rich with the new beginnings.

I would like to tell you a little bit more about Marko. Marko is from Ruma and he is 34 years old. Last month he has been born also! Let me explain. Marko had actually been born 34 years ago, but last month Marko has experienced the new birth. He met and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. It was an honor and a privilege to baptize Marko. Marko’s baptism confirmed his faith and trust in Jesus Christ. I had a chance to talk to several Marko’s friends and they told me they were amazed by the change he underwent in such a short time. We rejoice and praise God, as Marko became part of our great Christian family.

As a church and as a family we would like to thank you for your continuous support for the work to which our Lord Jesus Christ has called us.

Drago and Jaroslava