Floods in Serbia

Even small things can make a difference!

It’s always horrible to hear about natural disasters, still most of us probably think that such things won’t happen to us, to our country. However, nature is an uncontrollable and unpredictable force.

No one was left untouched by the news of recent floods and the subsequent losses  in Serbia, so a couple of churches in Vojvodina(Pacir, Backa Topola, Subotica, Cantavir) have decided to gather and get relief supplies to flood victims in Šabac,Serbia.
On the 26th of May we set out in a van packed with food , drinking water and personal hygiene products.

We went to Šabac to meet with the pastor of the local church. He directed us2 to go to families who were affected by the floods the most. We were excited to bless them financially and  spiritually as well. It seemed that they needed words of encouragement more than anything else.

2 Replies to “Floods in Serbia”

  1. May the Lord bless your work. My church here in Southampton have been praying for victims of the floods. I will pray for the work you are doing in Sabac and also for all the partners Oak Hall in Serbia are supporting. May you have opportunities to speak of Jesus the hope of the world.
    God bless
    Jenny Blake

  2. Last week at a Bible Weekend at Oak Hall (we studied John 11 to 13) we collected £51 for Oak Hall in Serbia for flood victims. Praise God that people are thinking of you.
    God bless
    Jenny Blake

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