Dear friends, brothers and sisters,


The sixth week has already started at the Bible school. Time flies incredibly fast. So many things have happened in the past few weeks.

riste slikaWe were hosts to two groups at the school – a group from Sweden, which spent four days here and NGO Fokus from Serbia, who held their conference at HUB. While the conference was being held, the students and a part of the team were at the mission trip.

At the mission trip, we were split into two groups. One group was on the South of Serbia, in Vranje, visiting our former student Jan Jabrih, who works as a missionary there.

Jan has been living in Vranje for about a year and a half with his family. He has already started a few children’s clubs. He is currently starting a small group too, where people will be coming to study the Word of God. Vranje is a city with many refugee camps, where people’s lives are difficult. Jan often visits those people, encourages them, prays for them. The students were really encouraged by Jan and his family.

The other group was in Croatia, Virovitica, with our former students Siniša and Daniela Ljubomiroski, who serve as missionaries in a church there. Siniša and Danijela have also lived there a year and a half. Their hard work and effort was very fruitful in the community. When they first came, there were five people in the church, but today, the church is visited by 15 to 17 people, who seek God. The students were encouraged by their work – because they are so young and God uses them so much. Their comments were that they want God to use them the same way He uses the family – on the mission field.

The aim of the Bible school is to equip mission workers. Thank God that that’s what He does through the school. The proof that it’s P1020445happening are precisely such students, who are now in full time and fruitful ministries.


„He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation..“ Mark 16:15


Please keep praying for our students and our entire work at the school. Thank you for all your support.


Riste and the HUB team

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  1. I was pleased to hear of the news of Jan Jabrih in Vranje. Vranje was pointed out to us when we went down to Bujanovac. May the Lord bless the work of the children’s club, as people study the Word of God and also may he be a beacon of light as he visits refugees, people in great need.
    God bless
    Jenny Blake

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