The Latest News from “HUB” – the Bible School in Belgrade.

Sladjan and Jaroslava write:

We greet you from HUB and the Bible School…

Very busy summer in HUB is now behind us.

We were hosts to almost 400 people during the summer. These opportunities to serve many in this way are a great blessing to us. 

Students’ registration

We have a very important month ahead us. There is students’ registration in the first year of the Bible School. We have a lot of students interested and we expect to have a solid group this year. We ask you to pray for the interviews appointed on 4th of September in Veles, Macedonia and 7th in HUB. Our wish is for this and the next, 15th generation of students to be with people who are called by our Lord to come and be a part of the School.

Thank you all who want to go along with this generation by supporting them.


The School year begins on 4th of October. We start with studying the book of Genesis and the gospel of Mathew with excellent teachers, John Baigent from England and Ronnie Stevens from USA, living in Budapest, Hungary. We are thankful to all the teachers who are ready to support the work of our school in this way.  

Mission Conference – ”Now is the time!”

We are preparing our 14th Mission Conference from 17th to 19th September. This is a significant event when we expect to have many ex students and guests. Our speaker will be Andrew Jack from London who is our regular teacher at the Bible School. With the theme ”Now is the time” he will teach us from the book of Acts 1-8. We believe we will be encouraged and enjoy fellowship to the glory of God.

New faces in the team

Beginning in September we have Dragan and Gordana Radeka on our team. They were our students five years ago. We ask you to pray for them as they begin their ministry here with us. We praise the Lord for them.

Thank you all for being with us in this ministry that God leads. We thank Him because due to your prayers and sacrifices He is able to use us to go forward. 

 Yours in Christ,

 – Sladjan and Jaroslava

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