The latest news from Milenkovic family – June 2013.


Dear friends,

Greetings from Memphis from the Milenkovic family. We are happy to be able to write to you with the latest news again, and we’d also like to thank you for your prayers and all the support you are giving us.

The most important thing for us is that Sara’s chemotherapies are over. Praise God!

It was hard, but it’s over. Her body is very week after everything, she hasn’t been in-taking food properly for the past four months and now the recovery process is going very slowly. Her recovery is what is now ahead of us, and we hope it will be going good. We are praying for her to start eating normally as soon as possible again.

What made us really happy and encouraged was that her latest scan results from last week are very good. There are no signs of tumor at all which is great. Thank God! The doctors are very satisfied with how it all went. We are praying for things to stay that way.

We still don’t know when we are going back home, it all depends on Sara’s recovery, but we expect it to happen at the end of July. Somehow it is hard to believe that we are going home soon.

Our Jana has finished school, and our youngest family member, Sofija Lena, is growing and we are all enjoying her.

God has been really showing us his mercy in the midst of all the storms we’ve been going through. Through many people and circumstances we were able to see that He, our heavenly Father, is above all. Not only that, but he has also been teaching us to trust him ever more. God has promised us the eternal life through the faith in His son Jesus Christ, but He never promised us that our earthly life would be with no pain. Elisabeth Elliot said, “Suffering is never for nothing. It is that you and I might be conformed to the image of Christ”.

Thank you, our dear friends for having been with us on this “journey”, and thank you for the persistence in your prayers. Please keep praying for Sara and all of us.

Sincerely yours,

Sladjan, Jaroslava, Sara, Jana and Lena

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  1. I am so thankful Sara is doing so well and that you are even thinking about going “home”! That must be very encouraging. God bless you all for your steadfastness in this long trial.
    With love

  2. I am so happy for you all that Sara’s test results were good! Yea! I will continue praying for you all during this time of recovery.

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