Bethlehem Night in Kraljevo

Dear friends, brothers and sisters,

I congratulate you all on Christmas and New Year, we wish you an abundance of joy, love and blessings from the Lord.
As you know in Central Serbia is mainly celebrated Orthodox Christmas (7.jan) and New Year (14.jan), so we are still in the old year!!!     🙂
Anyway, here is a short news about our ministry in the Lord at the time of the most joyous holidays throughout the year.    My family with the help of friends who were part of our group to study the Bible and many other friends have organized a full-evening program for children of all associations of disabled persons, it was wonderful.                                   Слика Слика

The program we started with the youngest members of the choir of music school, who sang beautiful Christmas carols and then we played a show on the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, called “Night in Bethlehem.” The children were fascinated by, at most they liked the scene with the Emperor Herod, we managed to elicit joy and laughter on their faces, and most importantly, finally, the children had the opportunity to know what is Christmas and also to remind adults. If you like the video:


After the play, we present the gospel message and eventually split shoe boxes, over 100 New Testaments and 200 calendars with Bible verses, we hope and pray to give it all to good effect, that people began to read the Bible.СликаСликаСлика050120131248 The next thing on the horizon is a three-day children’s club in a Gypsy settlement, until then … a blessing!

Family Gecan

Christmas concert in Ruma

koncertOn this occasion, wish you a happy Christmas and New Year holidays.

As you know, in Serbia Christmas is celebrated on January 7. As an introduction to the Christmas atmosphere, we organized a Christmas concert in Ruma. The concert will be held today at 5 pm at the Cultural center in Ruma. Will Perform Baptist Church Choir from Sid and songwriter Mirko Mravik.

The most important thing tonight will be a brief message about Jesus and the importance of His birth for us.

Please pray for this event. For people to come and be touched by message about Jesus.

Thank you for support!

Drago and Jaroslava Pejic

bozicni koncert ruma 25 kom


First shoebox

Dear brothers, sisters, friends,
Only a few sentences I would like to inform you, encourage you and thank you in relation to the shoe box gifts, because I believe that some of you have packed at least one of them.
The first day we went for the first time in Novi Pazar in a specialist hospital where children were peering in the window waiting for us. Smiles on their faces, the hospitality, the warmth of the heart, they are indicators of how each child was glad to have visited them.
The other day we were in Kraljevo in a special school, where they were prepared for us a nice program, even the children from a nearby village took part playing in folk dance, we all really enjoyed the atmosphere of Christmas.
In the end we visited an association with not-so-nice name, “Association of Families of Kidnapped and Missing Persons with Kosovo and Metohija” was indeed a real privilege in this way to show Christian love to the families. What makes us most happy is that they were happy, open to dialogue and the most that we share about 40 new Testament and many other references, praise the Lord!

And just for the end to mention that we are able to implement all this with brother Phil and


Alan and sisters Michelle and Valerie from the UK.

To all of you who are part of our team, thank you very much for your support and prayers.
We wish you peace and love of

God Mission K

СликаСликаСликаraljevo-family Gecan.

Internet cafe open in Ruma!

Internet cafe in Ruma

After many weeks of hard work we resorated part of our church building in Ruma in order to open an internet cafe. As mentioned in our previous letters, church is situated near the three high schools, and we decided to start Internet cafe project in order to reach out to the youth in our city. This project gives us opportunity to testify to the young people about Jesus Christ and as a young, recently established church, we see evangelisation as one of our highest priorities.




The opening of the Internet cafe gave us a great opportunity to offer to the young people a lot more than a cup of coffee and use of computers. Currently, two married couples from our church work in the cafe. Hopefully, as Christians, we will be an example of Chirst love to the highschoolers.
In a pleasant atmosphere where many kind of coffe, tea, hot chocolate and different non alcoholic drinks are served, we will hold presentations and lectures to high school students about the different education possibilities after the high school but also lectures about Christianity.
This is pioneering work in our contry and we are both encouraged by the way our God is leading us and at the same time challenged by the newness of the project.
We would appreciate your prayers for God’s guidance on how to approach to the young people, to bring more young people, and provide all we need for a work of this cafe. Our prayer is that in the future ther will be many who will testify that they heard the good news of Jesus in our cafe.
   We wish you every blessing
        Best Regards
                                  Drago and Jaroslava Pejic


Dear Friends,
I just wanted a few sentences and images to present you as the Lord of our wonderfully blessed weekend.
On Friday, we had help from students from the HUB, we did not waste  time, we immediately went to the division of flyers for correspondence Bible course and then had a joint workshop with the members of the association in patients with cerebral palsy, it was wonderful to see the students enjoying themselves together with these wonderful people.
Saturday was our main day, throughout the day we had an open evangelism in the city center, it is a celebration, clothes, books, plays for children, friendship bracelets …

















I am very glad that myfriends Dejan and Mark (who usually come in a group home) were with us all day.                   The whole action was definitely the glory of God, but on this occasion we have once again demonstrated the love of God through the collection of money for little Tamara who is suffering from cancer and in need of money for an operation in Russia, this gave a very positive view of all Protestant Christians , people are quite happy to take our New Testament and gave his money to the Tamara!

The weekend is over, the students returned to school, but we stayed richer for another evangelism and (we believe) for at least one more to rescued soul. Praise the Lord!
It remains to please and serve well, and we invite you to continue with your valuable prayers for God’s kingdom, and that in Kraljevo,
your family Gecan

Sara’s prayer update 4 – 16.10.2012

16th October 2012

Dear prayer supporters,

Thank you for your persistence in prayer for our Sara and us. With this, we would like to check in briefly and share with you our current situation.

All these days Sara has been gradually but surely recovering from her last week’s surgery. We have had scanning and many other examinations. We were told today that the main surgery will be postponed until Monday morning, Oct 22, 2012. We don’t find the reason they gave us very clear, but we believe that God is leading every detail well.

Please keep praying for us.

Ps.46:1 “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”

May our good God bless you.


Sladjan, Jaroslava, Sara and Jana Milenković


Igor in Montenegro

After studying at the Bible School in Belgrade, Igor recently moved to Montenegro.  Igor is working with Daniel – also a graduate from the Bible School – who has been serving there since 1997.  An OM team is based in the town who work closely with Daniel and Igor…

Jenny Blake has travelled with Oak Hall to Serbia and to Montenegro many times.  She has been learning the language and prays for – and encourages others to pray for – the work…  She recently met Igor when on an Oak Hall journey to Montenegro…  Here she shares Igor’s news:


“I recently met Igor, who was at the Bible School for two years, in Kotor, Montenegro.  He is now working in Bar, Montenegro with OM.  OM have a drop-in Centre called the Living Room, where they hold many activities including a Language Cafe.  Igor is involved in translation, visiting people, Kids’ Club in a local neighbourhood, visiting Adria – a centre for disabled people, Roma camp and preaching, usually once a week, at the church service in the Living Room.

“Igor stressed the importance of building up relationships in order to share the Message of Jesus with people.  This is how some have already come to know the Lord.  Please pray for this work in Bar.”

Thousands hear the Message of Jesus in Serbia and Croatia…

This weekend has seen thousands of people packing into large venues to hear the Message of Jesus presented by Nik Vujicic. 

A well known, international speaker, Nik has used his connection with Serbia to great effect as he has shared about the One who brings freedom to those who trust Him.

On Friday night he spoke in Belgrade and on Saturday night he spoke in Novi Sad.  On Sunday evening he was in Zagreb, Croatia and tonight he will speak in the Croatian coastal city of Rijeka.  On Wednesday he will be in two cities in Slovenia.

Supported by some graduates of the Bible School as well as many others, this has already been a weekend of unprecedented opportunity in recent times.

  • Please pray as conversations continue across Serbia and Croatia in the light of Nik’s powerful testimony.
  • Pray as Nik speaks again in Croatia tonight before heading to Slovenia on Wednesday.

There will be more news coming to this site as others post here about what has happened this weekend…