Sara’s surgery went well. Praise God!

Dear friends,

Thank you for your persistant prayers. Praise God, the operation went well. It lasted 5 hours, it was hard, but successful. The tumor has been removed.

Sara’s receiving the intensive care, she has woken up and can talk. She keeps vomiting, but they say that it’s normal after such a long anaesthesia. I’ve had a chance to see her briefly. Her words were: “You have finally come.” To my question, “How was it?”, she answered, “I’ve survived.”

I won’t spend this night with her, which is the first time after 21 days. Please keep praying and thank you for your endurance in all this.

May God bless you.

Yours in Christ,

Sladjan, Jaroslava, Sara and Jana Milenkovic 

Sarа’s surgery on Monday 22th October / Sarina operacija u ponedeljak 22. oktobra

Dear friends,

Thank you for praying for us still. It is so encouraging to see God’s grace, goodness and compassion trough you.

I would like to let you know that Sara will be operated on tomorrow morning, on Monday, Oct 22, 2012. Please pray that God would lead the hands of the doctors and bring peace to Sara and all of us.

Pray for Jaroslava, too. She didn’t feel well on Friday, when some complications with her pregnancy occurred, so since then she has been in a hospital 100 meters away from where Sara is. Everything is all right now, the baby is fine and we are praying that she would endure until her 9th month. 

This morning, Sara and I were encouraged by the words from Isaiah 40:31 “…but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”


Sladjan, Jaroslava, Sara and Jana Milenkovic


Dragi prijatelji,

Hvala vam sto se i dalje molite za nas. Kako je samo ohrabrujuce u ovim danima da vidimo Boziju milost, dobrotu i saosecajnost kroz vas.

Zelim da javim da ce Sara definitivno imati operaciju sutra prepodne, u ponedeljak 22.10.2012. Molite se da Bog vodi ruke lekara i donese mir Sari i svima nama.

Molite se i za Jaroslavu. Njoj nije bilo dobro u petak, kada je imala neke komlikacije, tako da je od tada u klinici na 100 metara od mesta gde je Sara. Sada je sve u redu, beba je u redu i molimo se da izdrzi jos malo dok ne udje u 9. mesec.

Jutros su Saru i mene ohrabrile reči iz Isaije 40:31 “Ali koji se nadaju Gospodu, dobijaju novu snagu, podižu se na krilima kao orlovi, trče i ne posustaju, hode i ne more se.”


Sladjan, Jaroslava, Sara i Jana Milenković

Sara’s prayer update 4 – 16.10.2012 – Serbian

Dragi molitveni podržavaoci,

Hvala vam na istrajnosti u molitvi za našu Saru i nas. Ovim želimo samo kratko da vam se javimo i podelimo sa vama trenutnu situaciju.

Svih ovih dana Sara se postepeno, ali dobro, oporavlja posle prošlonedeljne operacije. Imali smo svakog dana snimanja i razna dodatna ispitivanja. Danas nam je saopšteno da se glavna operacija odlaže za ponedeljak ujutru 22.10.2012. Razlog nam nije nešto mnogo jasan, ali verujemo da Bog svaki detalj dobro vodi.

Molimo vas da se i dalje molite za nas.

Ps.46:1 „Bog nam je utočište i sila, pomoćnik koji se u nevoljama brzo nalazi“

Neka vas dobri Bog blagoslovi.


Slađan, Jaroslava, Sara i Jana Milenković

Sara’s prayer update 4 – 16.10.2012

16th October 2012

Dear prayer supporters,

Thank you for your persistence in prayer for our Sara and us. With this, we would like to check in briefly and share with you our current situation.

All these days Sara has been gradually but surely recovering from her last week’s surgery. We have had scanning and many other examinations. We were told today that the main surgery will be postponed until Monday morning, Oct 22, 2012. We don’t find the reason they gave us very clear, but we believe that God is leading every detail well.

Please keep praying for us.

Ps.46:1 “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”

May our good God bless you.


Sladjan, Jaroslava, Sara and Jana Milenković


Sara’s prayer update

Belgrade, October 13, 2012

Dear friends, prayer supporters, brothers and sisters,

We are writing to you thankful in our hearts for your prayers for our daughter Sara and us. Here’s a short update on the current events.

Sara has had one surgery on Thursday, two days ago, which should make the main operation of the tumor removal safer. The next operation should take place next week. Since there are now a few wounds on her head from the operation, it is hard for her and it hurts.

Please pray that God would give her supernatural strength to fight with everything. She’s been handling all this with a lot of courage, but it happens, just as with us, that she goes through moments of sadness when it’s really hard for her because of everything. I am with Sara all the time, and Jaroslava is also there during the day-time.

We still don’t know for sure what kind of a tumor it is, and we won’t know either until the analysis of the tumor is done, which usually lasts up to two weeks after surgery. We are praying and hoping that the tumor is not malignant.

We are in God’s hands. Thank you for your prayers and for encouraging other people to pray for us as well.


Sladjan, Jaroslava, Sara and Jana Milenkovic



Please pray on for Sara Milenkovic

Belgrade, Oct 10, 2011 – Sladjan and Jaroslava write:

Dear friends,

We would like to thank you so much for the prayers that you’ve been offering to God for our daughter Elizabeta Sara. It has been one week exactly since we found out about Sara’s disease. Other then so much pain because of all that, we experienced an amazing God’s refreshment and the care of all of you who called, wrote, prayed and encourage others to do it too.

Thank you so much!


We would like to share with you what is currently happening.

Yesterday we had a magnetic resonance imaging and I have just found out that there might be one operation before the main operation. The reason is that the MRI is not as clear as the scanner image (which is very unusual and unexpected). According to the scanner image from last week, her condition seems to be much more serious (two surgeries are required), than on the MRI. The doctor who will perform the surgery says that says that the tumor might be benign after all, which, if so, are fantastic news! Tomorrow, there will be consulting with other doctors about the case. If two operations are needed, the first will be performed tomorrow, Thursday, Oct 11, and the other next week. If one operation is needed, it will be performed on Friday morning, Oct 12, 2012.

We believe that God is sovereign and good. He is with us and gives us strength, comfort and peace. He answers our prayers and does everything so that our trust in Him as such would grow. Our God is amazing.

During the last few days, Sara’s condition has been better, she is joyful, eats well, is in a good mood and feels just fine. For the first day or two it was hard for her to understand and accept the situation, but now she has an absolute peace – she knows that God can heal, that He works through the doctors’ hands and that things that ought to happen – will happen. This is exactly what she says now. I am thankful to God that He is the only One who can give such rest and peace in heart. We are sure that this is God’s answer to prayers.

Sara prayed like this today: “God, thank you that I feel better and that I keep getting better every day. Thank you that I will be cured soon. Thank you that you will either help me through the doctors or you will do a miracle. Thank you. Amen.”

What a trust in God!

Please, pray that God would lead the doctors tomorrow, so that they would make the right decision.

Pray for Jaroslava too, who is 8 months pregnant, that she would be strong enough to bear all that and that God would protect us and our child who is about to be born.

Thank you for being so supportive.

Yours,  Sladjan and Jaroslava.

Please pray for Sladjan and Jaroslava’s daughter, Sara

Here is Sladjan’s recent message in full – please pray with us all for Sara.

Our dear friends, faithful supporters, brothers and sisters,

We are writing this time in a great distress. We would like to ask you to pray for our daughter Elizabeta Sara. We don’t even know how to tell you all this.

Yesterday, on the 4th of October she was diagnosed with a large brain tumor which has to undergo an operation as soon as possible.

We took Sara to the hospital on Monday because of unusual nausea and vomiting which have been going on for a while now. On the first analysis of the head it was clear that something was wrong, and yesterday at the Children’s Hospital she was diagnosed. with it. We are now at the Neurosurgery Institute where Sara is waiting to be operated on. The surgery should take place next week.

We are all still in shock. All this seems like a bad dream that we should all wake up from. The doctors have said that a great struggle is in front of us. We are trying to understand it. We are now asking you to be with us and fight with us. We believe that God is in control of every situation and that nothing happens outside our Lord’s knowledge and sight. We trust Him even though we do not understand all this. It hurts and we cry, but we trust HIM, because that is the only thing that we have in this difficult and fallen world we live in.

Dear friends, please pray with us that God is glorified and and His will is done. Please share this with people around you and in your churches.
Thank you for everything.
Sladjan, Jaroslava, Sara and Jana Milenkovic


The Latest News from the HUB Bible School in Belgrade

Sladjan and Jaroslava write:

Dear brothers and sisters, friends, prayer supporters,

Here is the latest news from HUB the Bible school as well as news about the events that we are preparing in this period.  There is also the information about the mission conference this September, for which we have an excellent teacher this year.

Please share this news with the people in your surrounding, your church and everyone who is interested.

God’s blessing,

– Sladjan and Jaroslava Milenkovic

Click here to read the bulletin: HUB Belgrade Bible School – Newsletter – May 2012. (1)