Two new births in Ruma!




Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We would like to take this opportunity to share two very important events that have occurred during the past month.

As mentioned in the title, I would like to share the news about the two births – one in our family and one in our church.

Every birth is a very important and positive thing. New life brings joy, blessings and prosperity. So it is in this case!


                                                           Luka has been born!




          As a family we are so glad that we got another child. Luke came as the sixth member of our family. All about Jaroslava’s pregnancy and delivery went well. Now we enjoy the wonderful gift that the Lord has given us.


                                                               Marko’s birth!


Last month has been rich with the new beginnings.

I would like to tell you a little bit more about Marko. Marko is from Ruma and he is 34 years old. Last month he has been born also! Let me explain. Marko had actually been born 34 years ago, but last month Marko has experienced the new birth. He met and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. It was an honor and a privilege to baptize Marko. Marko’s baptism confirmed his faith and trust in Jesus Christ. I had a chance to talk to several Marko’s friends and they told me they were amazed by the change he underwent in such a short time. We rejoice and praise God, as Marko became part of our great Christian family.

As a church and as a family we would like to thank you for your continuous support for the work to which our Lord Jesus Christ has called us.

Drago and Jaroslava

Bethlehem Night in Kraljevo

Dear friends, brothers and sisters,

I congratulate you all on Christmas and New Year, we wish you an abundance of joy, love and blessings from the Lord.
As you know in Central Serbia is mainly celebrated Orthodox Christmas (7.jan) and New Year (14.jan), so we are still in the old year!!!     🙂
Anyway, here is a short news about our ministry in the Lord at the time of the most joyous holidays throughout the year.    My family with the help of friends who were part of our group to study the Bible and many other friends have organized a full-evening program for children of all associations of disabled persons, it was wonderful.                                   Слика Слика

The program we started with the youngest members of the choir of music school, who sang beautiful Christmas carols and then we played a show on the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, called “Night in Bethlehem.” The children were fascinated by, at most they liked the scene with the Emperor Herod, we managed to elicit joy and laughter on their faces, and most importantly, finally, the children had the opportunity to know what is Christmas and also to remind adults. If you like the video:


After the play, we present the gospel message and eventually split shoe boxes, over 100 New Testaments and 200 calendars with Bible verses, we hope and pray to give it all to good effect, that people began to read the Bible.СликаСликаСлика050120131248 The next thing on the horizon is a three-day children’s club in a Gypsy settlement, until then … a blessing!

Family Gecan

Christmas concert in Ruma

koncertOn this occasion, wish you a happy Christmas and New Year holidays.

As you know, in Serbia Christmas is celebrated on January 7. As an introduction to the Christmas atmosphere, we organized a Christmas concert in Ruma. The concert will be held today at 5 pm at the Cultural center in Ruma. Will Perform Baptist Church Choir from Sid and songwriter Mirko Mravik.

The most important thing tonight will be a brief message about Jesus and the importance of His birth for us.

Please pray for this event. For people to come and be touched by message about Jesus.

Thank you for support!

Drago and Jaroslava Pejic

bozicni koncert ruma 25 kom


Our Story


My name is Jovica Gecan, son’m just a regular patriarchal family, which is involved in agriculture and not really had much time to devote to God, it did not really did not have any at the time, now things have changed.
As a young man of 16 years old the first time I heard verses from the Gospel of John 14:6 where the Bible tells us, “I am the way, the truth and the life, no man cometh to the Father except through me”, these verses have encouraged me to think more deeply And the Lord spoke to him in the sinner’s prayer, but unfortunately later, I returned to teenage life, until I met with my wonderful, wife Catherine, who was also in touch with the youth of Holy Scripture and the Gospel, but also gave up. However, as a young married couple we realize that we do not live the way it is by God’s will for us, again, having heard verses from the book of Revelation Church of Laodicea, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock …” That night it came to a turning point in our lives, it begins our story.

In the spring of 2001, we decided that we have to be members of a church that I have to go to Church, and we found a Baptist church in our village to village, Lalic (place in Backa, Vojvodina), here we are with our very humble brother Steve Valenta, pastor , growing in the Lord, until we realize that we must be baptized with water in the testimony of our faith in God. This happened in 2003, and immediately next year we went as a married couple with two daughters to Bible school, “Oak Hall” in order to better see where and how God really wants us to use, because we believe that no man in the world without some purpose of God.

When we finished with the one-year study of the Holy Scriptures, we talked with the leading brothers engaged in a mission of our will, we want to recognize that I was God’s plan to be a missionary, but first we went back to her place, where we normally live (Russian
Krstur). There we had a small group in our home and tried to work as much as we could, in the fall of 2009 at a meeting of the missionaries we heard the need for missionary couple in Kraljevo, where my wife, our daughter and I felt that it was a place for us, my We have expressed the will of brothers and after a little less than a year ago we moved in Kraljevo as a full missionary workers (1 July 2010).
Our mission organization called “Antioch” which is part of the Baptist church in Serbia
By the grace of God we serve in a variety of ways
And physically helping others (painting, moving, gardening articles, …)-humanitarian aid (food, clothing …)
-Evangelization (concerts, tribune, a division of the tract …), as well as many other individual events through which we can reach people who are interested to hear the word and changing their lives.

If you have an idea or suggestion on how we can celebrate together the Lord, we are ready to cooperate with all healthy, established churches, organizations and individuals as well. Your prayers are very important to us.
The love of God and love to welcome you by missionaries from Kraljevo
Jovica, Katherine, Isidora, Doriana and Mark Gecan.
Romans 10:14-16

Introduction to the City of Kraljevo

Introduction to the City of Kraljevo


The first mention of the name “Rudo Polje”, dating from the distant year 1476 and later given the name “Karanovac”. The final title of “king,” was established in 1882 during the visit of King Milan Obrenovic, at the request of residents.

Otherwise the Kraljevo has great significance because in Orthodoxy is counted as a spiritual center of the Serbian state at the end of the original 12th century monastery Studenica raising, which is in the municipality of Kraljevo and Zica monastery, which was founded in the early 13th century, where he was crowned the first Serbian king Stefan Prvovencani(1217) and later the other 6 Dynasty kings Nemanjić, there is also a medieval city “Maglić” located in the valley of lilac.

Kraljevo is located in the center of the region called “sumadija” and is located at 180 km.southwest of Belgrade. It lies on the banks of three rivers (Ibar,West Morava, Ribnica), also in his district has two major resort and spa “Goc”. The town itself has 58 thousand inhabitants, while the whole municipality has over 122 thousands and is increasing due to the settlement of refugees from Kosovo who first freely take refuge there. The population is mainly of Serbian origin in 80% while the remaining 20% ​​are Muslims, Roma, and perhaps even by a nation.
From the religious point of view, the inhabitants were mainly Orthodox committed by fathers heritage, unfortunately poorly knowing the Scriptures and the Gospel at all. My rough estimate 70% of the people do not know the difference between the New and Old Testament! In addition to an Orthodox church and the church in Kraljevo, and also of the Catholic Church (not active).
Our vision is that every person that is: 1 – read the Bible and pray;
2 – has a personal relationship with God and peace; 

Baptism of the people from Pacir

My name is Stojce Nikolov,I was born in Macedonia.God has called me to serve in Serbia,to plant new churches I serve at the church in Backa Topola which  has baptism at the end of its annual  summer conference.This year we had the privilege to baptise people from Pacir and Backa Topola as well.It was great joy to see these people express their desire and decision to follow  God and dedicate their lives to Him.It was the first time for me to help lead people in baptism and it was definitely a life changing experience for me. May God watch over these people and give them strength to walk steadily with Him day by day.

Oak Hall reaches the UK…

Last night the Oak Hall coach arrived back in the UK…

  • 5462kms (3251 miles)
  • 77 adventurers
  • 4 major cities
  • 5 refugee camps
  • 2 Romany settlements
  • 19 Bible School graduates
  • 130 pleskavice
  • 15 Bible studies (including 8 sudies in Mark ch1-4)
  • 30 tents
  • 6 poems

Today, following a night at Otford Manor (the Oak Hall base) some are travelling back to their homes whilst others drove into the night last night…

It has been an amazing – even life-changing – journey with a group of people who leave as great friends.  Our eyes have been opened as we have glimpsed what God is doing across the Balkans, we have experienced God using us and most of all, God changing, teaching and challenging us as we have stuied, served and shared our lives together.  Each now return to the mission field where God has placed them.

We plan to meet up at Otford Manor for the weekend 1-3 October.  As you have shared this journey through the blog, you are welcome too – please click here for more details.

We will continue to post news from the Balkans on this blog – to keep right up-to-date, please subscribe by using the box on the top right of the home page:

Thank you again for your partnership!

Oak Hall in the Balkans – the 66th Journey

An Epic Journey

On Monday 21st June, an Oak Hall coach will be heading out towards the Balkans.  With stops planned in Croatia, Bosnia, central and south Serbia, this is going to be an epic journey.


Meeting Key Leaders in the Balkans

We will particularly focus on meeting with the students, team and graduates of the Bible College that began back in 1996 following five years of bringing aid into the region during the civil war…  Many of the graduates are involved in strategic front-line work where they are sharing with those around them about the risen Lord Jesus and His restoring, sin-forgiving touch on the lives of those who entrust themselves to Him.


Bringing Humanitarian Aid and the Message of Hope

We will also visit five refugee camps and one very poor “slum” area – all places where we have long-term relationships and where graduates of the Bible College work.  In five of these we will hand-deliver humanitarian aid.


Please Pray…

Please pray that we would be a clear witness to those who have not yet met Jesus Christ and an encouragement to those who are already walking with Him.

We pray that all of us will grow closer to the Lord Jesus through the combination of evening Bible studies, time together and meeting followers of Christ from other cultures.  We pray that we will return home with a greater commitment to pray for the Balkans and the Church of Jesus Christ here.  Please pray that each person will return from the journey challenged, changed and inspired to faithfully stand for the Lord Jesus in the places where He has put each of us.

We will travel thousands of miles overland and sleep most nights in tents – all with a diverse, cross-cultural team.  There are bound to be many unforeseen adventures and opportunities for us to grow over these next days.

We plan to use this blog and also a Facebook group – YU66 – to keep those who want to know “posted”.