DAY 3: Renovating the Children’s Camp Ground

Last night we arrived here at the Children’s camp ground.

We built beds that we would later sleep on…


We cooked our supper over a fire…


…then read the next part of 1John before sleeping…

This morning we are working in three teams to further prepare this camp ground…

We are building a road through the woods – this involves shifting around 150 tonnes of gravel:



We are also cutting trees, hedges and grass as well as installing flooring and deep cleaning different areas of the buildings here.

Please pray for :
– safety for us as we continue;
– the many children who will stay here through the summer time – that they will grow closer to Jesus through the teaching, refreshment and friendship here;
– God’s blessing on this team as He continues to wonderfully unite, challenge, use and inspire us through these experiences.

Greetings from all of us!

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  1. Hi to you all,

    It seems you’re having an amazing time as you serve God and the people of this wonderful land……! Our prayers are with you in this amazing venture that you are all playing key roles in….We know that God will do the most amazing things in you and through you during these few days in Serbia, and as you return home as well.

    We would appreciate your prayers for us, a group of 4 coming to Serbia next week to serve a local church in Backa Palanka in 3 1/2 days of training and preparation for mission, as well as actually being involved in reaching out to people on the streets of the town. We have people coming from across the Balkans to be with us during this time.

    Please pray for safety as we all travel from the Uk on different days and for those who travel from the Balkan region, finally join us in praying that many would come to know the life-changing reality of Jesus as Lord.

    With our love

    Karen & Andy Hudson

  2. Hi Andy and all oakhallers in Serbia and friends we met in Serbia on the last 2 trips,
    we are so excited to be hearing your progress through the week and the projects you are involved in. You need lots of energy! Lots of love and God` abundant blessings on your lives. Gill Pollock

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