Earthquake in Central Serbia – Jovica & Kaca Request our Prayer

This morning, Kraljevo was the centre of an earthquake in Serbia that was felt even 200kms away in Belgrade.  Two were killed and scores have been injured.

Graduates Jovica and Kaca moved to Kraljevo to begin to plant a church there this summer time…  (Click here to read more about their move)  They are safe but appreciate our prayer.

As we spoke, Jovica described how many in the town fear after shocks.  He collected his son from the hospital where he had been receiving treatment for a lung infection before the earthquake struck as some fear that the building is now not safe.

Jovica and Kaca feel that at times such as these – when we feel our vulnerability – that many ask more searching questions about their lives.  Pray with them that this would be a time of great opportunities to serve their community and speak about the Lord Jesus.

“Half an hour ago there was another aftershock.  It is good to be here in Kraljevo at this time so that we stand with these people.  Many are outside their homes now.  I will be helping people to repair  their roofs, speaking with people.  Pray for us and for the people of Kraljevo – may God bring these people to Himself.  Thank you for your prayer.”

Click here for a 1 minute video and to read about the quake on the BBC

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  1. Hi To you all,

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and all of Kraljevo at this difficult time.

    We know that God will be watching over you all, and we trust he will protect you from the aftershocks.

    With our love

    Поздрав свима вама,

    Наше мисли и молитве су са вама и свим Краљева у овом тешком тренутку.

    Знамо да ће Бог да пази на све вас, и верујемо да ће вас заштитити од накнадних потреса.

    Са наше љубави

    Енди & Карен Хадсон

    Andy & Karen Hudson

    1. Pozdrav Andy i Karen
      Hvala mnoga za svaku vasu molitvu upucenu nasem Gospodu za nas i Kraljevo. Velik je Gospod,on brine za nas,a vas neka obilno blagoslovi,pozdrav.

      Greetings Andy and Karen
      Thank you very much for your prayer to our Lord for us and Kraljevo. The Lord is great, He cares for us and you – may He bless you greatly. Greetings!

  2. So sorry to read the news, but VERY GLAD that you are there to minister to the people, practically and spiritually. All strength, courage and wisdom be yours (in our Lord Jesus) as you let His love flow through you to others. We pray for you!

    Ron and Lilo

    1. Pozdrav Ron i Lilo
      Hvala vam sto mislite na nas i nosite nas u molitvama. Samo ljubav Bozija nas moze odrzati i umudriti,slazem se.
      Mir vam Gospodnji dragi nasi.

      Greetings Ron and Lilo
      Thank you for thinking of us and for carrying us in your prayer. Only God’s love can sustain us and give us wisdom, I agree!
      Peace of our dear Lord to you.

  3. Hi Jovica and Kaca

    It was so good to meet you on the road travelling to Kraljevo as missionaries in the summer – wow – God has placed His people where He needs them. We are praying for you and asking all our friends to pray. We know that God will use you at this time to share His love with many. Lots of love and blessings, Karen and Andy

  4. Jovica and Kaca,

    You and your family and the people of Kraljevo are in my prayers at this time. May the Lord use you to be a comfort to the people around you at this time.

    God Bless

    1. Da zaista nam je to najpotrebnije,mnogo hvala u ime moje porodice ljubavlju Hristovom.

      – Yes, we really need this, many thanks in the name of our family – in the love of Christ.

    2. Pozdrav Jenny
      Hvala za vase molitve,da to nam je u ovom trenutku potrebno.
      Mir vam Boziji!

      Greetings Jenny
      Thank you for your prayers, we need this at this time.
      God’s peace to you!

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