“If a man loves God he will show his love by caring for others…”

Jovica and Kaca continue to do all they can to share with those around them in their new home city of Kraljevo about the God who cares so much that He sent Jesus Christ to die for us.
Recently they heard about a family living in very poor conditions, without water or other simple necessities.  Jovica went to use his skills to install a bathroom and to decorate their home…
Serbian television heard about what he had been doing…

TV PRESENTER: “This is  Jovica Gecan, leader of the Baptist Church who helped many people following the earthquake.”

JOVICA: “If a man loves God he can’t only go into the street and shout, ‘I love God’ but he will show his love for God by caring for others – particularly those he has never met before.”

It seems that many deeply appreciate Jovica and Kaca’s presence in the city.  Acquaintances are intrigued by the thought that there may be a God who can so change a person’s heart that he would step out to show this sort of kindness.  As Jovica and Kaca continue to carefully explain their motivation and point to the risen Jesus Christ revealed in the Bible, their lives are having a great impact…

Click below to see a clip from this news programme.

Click here to view clip of Jovica on news

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