An unfinished primary school filled with refugees.

The primary school building was left half-built after the refugees were assigned there. The windows were left uninstalled and the road remained a mud track.

Refugees from this camp are slowly assimilating into the surrounding society but still around 75 call this building “home for now”. There are windows now but not much else had changed – cardboard partitions and unfinished plumbing.

Having walked across the fields we reached the camp…

Here are Neil and Jackie painting a child’s face…

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  1. Hi Andy & everyone.

    SO good to receive these updates. I can picture where you are at each stage & that’s some consolation for not being physically with you. But we read out your blogs at our evening meal & pray for you and the refugees. I can almost smell the Kafa! Vrlo dobro!

    Laku noc,

    Mervyn Roberts

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