Goodbye Nis!

After an evening of playing football with some of Nis’ welcoming and generous teenagers, we slept a last short, sweet night in our Oak Hall tents.

At 5:30, the “wakeup committee” launched us into a speedy packdown. With warm goodbyes and prayer we left our friends from the city…

We’re now on the road – cutting through the 41 hour journey before us. The coach is filled with great company, music, some newly invented games and much to talk about…

Right now we are approaching Belgrade…

Here is a photo of some of our new friends from Nis – “Come back soon!” – their parting words. We’d love to.

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  1. It has been wonderful to receive your blogs enabling me to keep up to date with the amazing Oak Hall Summer Expedition 2010.
    God Bless you all on your journey home on the Oak Hall Big Blue Bus.

  2. Me and my husband had that pleasure to meet those amazing people,its beautiful when we know that God’s kids remeber us,that we exist and believe in goodness.Our dear friend Andy sent us a leter,but unfortunately we cant reply,we lost his adress and number,so please,if you find yourself in,contact us,we would love to stay in touch.

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