Darko and Lidija: Visiting Refugees from Kosovo on Jan 8th 2010

“We are thankful for your prayers…

“With good weather we were able to meet outside. Some children from Nis shared an excellent Christmas programme which the refugees enthusiastically followed. We shared about the wonderful Name of Jesus Christ our Saviour explaining that we can’t celebrate a birthday (Christmas!) without the presence of the One whose birthday we are celebrating!

“All of the children received Samaritan’s Purse Christmas packets from children in England. They were very happy as they don’t often receive games and toys.

“We thank God for each one of you who pray with us that God would be honoured here!”

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  1. Hi…..Like our journey since we met up with Oak Hall an inner warming and just knowing it is the right thing to be involved with this great work. God bless you..be encouraged…..may the little we do be multiplied in the masters hands.

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