Sara’s update 3/11/12


Dear friends, prayer supporters, brothers and sisters,

It’s been a while, but we’re writing to let you know about our daughter Sara’s situation.

We are thankful to God that Sara’s been recovering well after the surgery and a long time spent in the hospital. Other than the occasional vomiting and tiredness, mostly everything is fine. Sara and I are now back home after a full month and we are finally all together as a family. We find the usual things, that we’ve had all this years, so precious now: lying on the bed all together, talking, laughing, enjoying every moment… Thank God for these moments, for which we only now can see how meaningful they are.

Unfortunately, this all is not the end. The tumor which has been removed is malignant, which means that we need to continue with the further radiation and chemotherapy. We have a great battle in front of us, with an uncertain outcome for us, but not for God. We trust God who has been leading us in these tough moments. He knows and is in control of everything.

We prayed that God would open the door of the St. Jude hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, and that Sara’s treatment would continue there. Although the chances were not great, we have just received the news that she’s been admitted. Praise God for this news! Let us pray that God would keep leading our steps about visa and all the practical steps which are necessary to take so that we could go there as soon as possible.
We also contacted another hospital, in Munich, Germany, which is doing a different kind of treatment and we’re waiting t see what they think.

Please pray for our further steps. It is hard, because it seems that Jaroslava, whose 9th month of pregnancy has started today, will give birth to our third daughter without Sara and me around. It’s going to  be hard to be separated, especially in these moments when we all should be together. The best thing would be if we could all go and be with Sara and each other, but that’s not possible for now.

Thank you for continually praying for us. Please keep having us in your prayers and encourage others to do it too. Pray for Sara’s doctors and her further treatment and curing, and above all, pray that God’s will would be done in everything.

We have to say that every email of yours, every letter and encouragement that we’ve received are such a precious gift for us. Even though we couldn’t answer to them, we read those precious words that you wrote withe joyful hearts and often with tears in our eyes. Thank you so much for it.

We love you and thank God that we can go through all this with you, our friends, brothers and sisters, as with a big family.

May God bless you.


Sladjan and Jaroslava, Elizabeta Sara and  Aleksandra Jana Milenkovic


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  1. Hi friends, Fantastic news that Sara’s treatment will continue,albeit a long way away,you will always be in our prayers and we all pray that Sara will be given comfort and support during this difficult period and with God’s help she wiil eventually make a recovery.

  2. Thank you so much for this update. Sorry to hear the growth is malignant but trust you will continue to know God’s peace as you go forward with Sara’s treatment. I pray all will go well with the birth of the baby and that you will all be able to be together. Love in Jesus, Clive.

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