Baptism of the people from Pacir

My name is Stojce Nikolov,I was born in Macedonia.God has called me to serve in Serbia,to plant new churches I serve at the church in Backa Topola which  has baptism at the end of its annual  summer conference.This year we had the privilege to baptise people from Pacir and Backa Topola as well.It was great joy to see these people express their desire and decision to follow  God and dedicate their lives to Him.It was the first time for me to help lead people in baptism and it was definitely a life changing experience for me. May God watch over these people and give them strength to walk steadily with Him day by day.

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  1. For those who remember the people of B Petrovec. I have kept in contact with 2 girls who have grown up married and moved to slovakia and Italy- we went to there last year- we go to slovakia on Saturday and next year they will come to stay with us and we phoned up Yan (Yanko Banko) and talked to him still working at KES centre.Hoping to visit Serbia one day to visit the village.

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