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My name is Jovica Gecan, son’m just a regular patriarchal family, which is involved in agriculture and not really had much time to devote to God, it did not really did not have any at the time, now things have changed.
As a young man of 16 years old the first time I heard verses from the Gospel of John 14:6 where the Bible tells us, “I am the way, the truth and the life, no man cometh to the Father except through me”, these verses have encouraged me to think more deeply And the Lord spoke to him in the sinner’s prayer, but unfortunately later, I returned to teenage life, until I met with my wonderful, wife Catherine, who was also in touch with the youth of Holy Scripture and the Gospel, but also gave up. However, as a young married couple we realize that we do not live the way it is by God’s will for us, again, having heard verses from the book of Revelation Church of Laodicea, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock …” That night it came to a turning point in our lives, it begins our story.

In the spring of 2001, we decided that we have to be members of a church that I have to go to Church, and we found a Baptist church in our village to village, Lalic (place in Backa, Vojvodina), here we are with our very humble brother Steve Valenta, pastor , growing in the Lord, until we realize that we must be baptized with water in the testimony of our faith in God. This happened in 2003, and immediately next year we went as a married couple with two daughters to Bible school, “Oak Hall” in order to better see where and how God really wants us to use, because we believe that no man in the world without some purpose of God.

When we finished with the one-year study of the Holy Scriptures, we talked with the leading brothers engaged in a mission of our will, we want to recognize that I was God’s plan to be a missionary, but first we went back to her place, where we normally live (Russian
Krstur). There we had a small group in our home and tried to work as much as we could, in the fall of 2009 at a meeting of the missionaries we heard the need for missionary couple in Kraljevo, where my wife, our daughter and I felt that it was a place for us, my We have expressed the will of brothers and after a little less than a year ago we moved in Kraljevo as a full missionary workers (1 July 2010).
Our mission organization called “Antioch” which is part of the Baptist church in Serbia
By the grace of God we serve in a variety of ways
And physically helping others (painting, moving, gardening articles, …)-humanitarian aid (food, clothing …)
-Evangelization (concerts, tribune, a division of the tract …), as well as many other individual events through which we can reach people who are interested to hear the word and changing their lives.

If you have an idea or suggestion on how we can celebrate together the Lord, we are ready to cooperate with all healthy, established churches, organizations and individuals as well. Your prayers are very important to us.
The love of God and love to welcome you by missionaries from Kraljevo
Jovica, Katherine, Isidora, Doriana and Mark Gecan.
Romans 10:14-16

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  1. Thank you so much for your testimony. It is so good to hear of how the Lord has led you and your family. May I wish you well as you serve the Lord in that corner of His vineyard! I am a pastor of a church in Kent, UK and have been praying for the Bible School and its graduates for many years. Val Newman, and Peter and Hazel Knowles from our church here, have been out in times past to visit. May you be aware of God’s leading in your lives as you try to fulfill His call upon your lives.
    Yours in the bonds of Calvary love,
    Clive Jones

    1. Dear Brother Jones, It is our sincere pleasure that we were students at Oak hool, also now serve here in Kraljevo. We are happy that we are the answer to your prayers, and of course, many thanks for that. It’s nice to know that someone is praying for our ministry while we are still in it we did not know, especially a pastor from Kent!!! Is not our God amazing?! Praise the Lord!!! Please say hello to your community on our behalf. We wish you God’s blessings, greetings.

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