Igor in Montenegro

After studying at the Bible School in Belgrade, Igor recently moved to Montenegro.  Igor is working with Daniel – also a graduate from the Bible School – who has been serving there since 1997.  An OM team is based in the town who work closely with Daniel and Igor…

Jenny Blake has travelled with Oak Hall to Serbia and to Montenegro many times.  She has been learning the language and prays for – and encourages others to pray for – the work…  She recently met Igor when on an Oak Hall journey to Montenegro…  Here she shares Igor’s news:


“I recently met Igor, who was at the Bible School for two years, in Kotor, Montenegro.  He is now working in Bar, Montenegro with OM.  OM have a drop-in Centre called the Living Room, where they hold many activities including a Language Cafe.  Igor is involved in translation, visiting people, Kids’ Club in a local neighbourhood, visiting Adria – a centre for disabled people, Roma camp and preaching, usually once a week, at the church service in the Living Room.

“Igor stressed the importance of building up relationships in order to share the Message of Jesus with people.  This is how some have already come to know the Lord.  Please pray for this work in Bar.”

Thousands hear the Message of Jesus in Serbia and Croatia…

This weekend has seen thousands of people packing into large venues to hear the Message of Jesus presented by Nik Vujicic. 

A well known, international speaker, Nik has used his connection with Serbia to great effect as he has shared about the One who brings freedom to those who trust Him.

On Friday night he spoke in Belgrade and on Saturday night he spoke in Novi Sad.  On Sunday evening he was in Zagreb, Croatia and tonight he will speak in the Croatian coastal city of Rijeka.  On Wednesday he will be in two cities in Slovenia.

Supported by some graduates of the Bible School as well as many others, this has already been a weekend of unprecedented opportunity in recent times.

  • Please pray as conversations continue across Serbia and Croatia in the light of Nik’s powerful testimony.
  • Pray as Nik speaks again in Croatia tonight before heading to Slovenia on Wednesday.

There will be more news coming to this site as others post here about what has happened this weekend…

Over 200 at the Annual Graduate Conference at HUB

Over last weekend 14-16 September, we had our sixteenth annual “Graduate Conference” at HUB.  It is incredible to hear what God has been doing through many of them…

Michael Green spoke extremely well about the letters to the seven churches in Revelation.  He brought challenge and encouragement to everyone.  Many shared how they were inspired, refreshed, challenged.  There were a massive number at the conference – around 190 adults as well as 50 children!

There are wonderful developments across the region amongst the graduates of the Bible School.

MISSION: VISION AND OWNERSHIP – Yet more graduates who returned to work as tent-makers in their home towns have become overwhelmed with the needs in other parts of the country and have moved into pioneering church-planting situations.

There are more and more bold, locally initiated and imagined evangelistic projects and there is also more finance coming into mission work from the local church.  There have always been examples of this but it seems to be increasingly the norm.  There is an increasing sense of the national church plunging out to reach those who do not yet know Christ.

UNITY AMONGST BELIEVERS – Sitting amongst those at the conference was a broader-than-ever cross-section of the Balkans.  The corporate worship times at HUB were led by an international group that included Slovaks, Serbs, Bosnian Muslims and Macedonians.  They are delighted by the unity they experience – not because of this conference but because of Christ.  It is wonderful to see many “barriers” removed and unity deepening.

We pray on for the Church of Jesus Christ in the Balkans!