Banja Luka Church visiting Kosovo

Sinisa and the team from Banja Luka, Bosnia write…

Visiting Kosovo“VISITING KOSOVO In April a number of us visited Kosovo. It was an amazing experience, because that is the place where in 1389 the battle of Kosovo happened and where Christians were fighting against the Ottoman Empire (Turks).

“Nowadays Kosovo is still not safe as Serbs and Albanians (Muslim) fight over the country. The bombing of Serbia in 1999 was over Kosovo. Kosovo although claiming independence from Serbia, is not recognized by some countries and Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of them.

“It wasn’t a pleasant feeling to go there and we were feeling a little bit uncomfortable but when we got there God changed our feelings completely. The best thing was that our brothers from Albania who become Christians took us to the place where the battle of Kosovo happened and in that group there were Serbs, Muslim, Albanian’s, Croat and Finns, but as Christians we prayed for Kosovo, for Muslims, for Serbs and for reconciliation in this region.

“Only God could put us together and give us His love for each other. God is good.”

There is much more news from Sinisa and the team click this link to read on – Christian Fellowship Newsletter May 2013

News from Drago and Jaroslava

We would like to share news from our family and church in Ruma.
We are truly blessed with our brothers and sisters in the church.It is wonderful to have such a lovely family around.
We thank the Lord that we can grow and build as the body of Christ.
Psalm 133:1‚‚ How good and pleasant it is  when God’s people live together in unity!‚‚
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Holy Communion is a new thing that we started in the church in Ruma.
So far we have received Holy Communion in the church in Sremska Mitrovica.

DSCI0074                                                                                                DSCI0032
An interesting statistic is that in the church we have 17 people and 15 children. There is a saying: “Children are our future”. We can freely say that children are our present! We are really grateful for all the childrenin our church.
The new project that we are planning to start, as a church is to help drug addicts. We believe that God could heal these people and we are praying for God’s guidance for this new ministry. I will write more about this project in our next newsletter.
Jaroslava and I have special news that we would like to share with you. We are expecting fourth child! Jaroslava is seven months pregnant. With great pleasure we expect our sixth member of the family! Please pray for us in this exciting moment in our lives.
Please pray for our church and believers in Ruma. And also please pray for the other people to get to know real truth and life, our Lord Jesus Christ.
Thank you for  your support.
Kind regards from Chruch in Ruma
                    Drago and Jaroslava

Blessings from Kraljevo!Dear brothers, sisters and friends in

Blessings from Kraljevo!

Dear brothers, sisters and friends in Christ Jesus, just a couple of sentences and pictures we will inform you about our ministries in the past few months to be able to encourage you to join with us and rejoice in prayer and in the work of the Lord.

From the service of evangelization, will mention three events:

1 Mother’s Day: The Hepner family and our family invited acquaintances, mostly couples, to an evening of fellowship.  The main topic was “Adam and Eve-who’s to blame?” It was interesting to hear the thoughts of people who for the first time thought about this question.  We also had a male/female quiz …


2.Easter games in Kraljevo: we gathered children, parents, and young people on the occasion of the Easter holidays (May 5) in the center of the city.  We held a contest for the hardest egg, the best egg and then we had a Easter Egg hunt!   We had help from the football team and also Daniel and Marina of the association “Children’s Mission” whom were a great help and support throughout the project.

Of course, our goal was to introduce the purpose of Christ’s resurrection and to share the Gospel.  We were able to do this in a very child friendly way. It is particularly encouraging that all around us was a huge rain falling but not in Kraljevo until we finalize everything, we just felt the full protection of God, glory to God for this work!

СликаСлика3.Brothers and sisters from Hawaii, just arrived in Kraljevo missionary journey, because there is a family Hepner, they were their hosts. They were a blessing to us, a lot of celebrating, socializing in English conversation classes, gave out over 70 new testaments, CD-Jesus movies, a lot of new contacts with young people, in a word, an oasis of God’s blessings. May the Lord bless you!


**Gypsy settlement, we spent the winter in a house (which is supposed to be a gypsy church, but …) we are back with the kids in the park until the Lord provides another place to meet.  For now it is OK because the winter is still far away.  The children are not very well behaved, but they are joyful and eager to play and socialize. We believe that our efforts are not in vain.


**Family Kaplarević, I met them through a friend who leads an association of “parent.”  We gathered some clothes and even a few things that benefited them.  The mother, Slavica was seriously ill,  and we tried to make the point that the Lord is the source of life and there is peace with Him …Unfortunately, despite all the effort of her husband Dejan, that have a hard struggle with poverty, there are drugs, kids… yet it encourages me that Slavica is thinking about God and reading the Bible, in a good way.


***And finally, what we would like and have a real need for, is renting a space that we can serve all of our activities, to be able to implement more and be effective.  We have Bible studies with the disabled, gypsies, workshops, youth, regular weekly service, women’s groups …

For the citizens of Kraljevo, it would be better if we had a place (other than a home), and of course for us it is easier to organize and lead the entire service.

If you want to be with us in prayer, here’s the real reason for prayer:

1. Lord give us wisdom,

2. strength and endurance

3. to be in the center of His will in all

and in finding finance and everything else needed for the magnificent service of His glory.


In Christ’s love your missionaries from Kraljevo.                2 Peter 3:8 “God is not late with the promise …”


Dear friends, brothers and sisters,


The sixth week has already started at the Bible school. Time flies incredibly fast. So many things have happened in the past few weeks.

riste slikaWe were hosts to two groups at the school – a group from Sweden, which spent four days here and NGO Fokus from Serbia, who held their conference at HUB. While the conference was being held, the students and a part of the team were at the mission trip.

At the mission trip, we were split into two groups. One group was on the South of Serbia, in Vranje, visiting our former student Jan Jabrih, who works as a missionary there.

Jan has been living in Vranje for about a year and a half with his family. He has already started a few children’s clubs. He is currently starting a small group too, where people will be coming to study the Word of God. Vranje is a city with many refugee camps, where people’s lives are difficult. Jan often visits those people, encourages them, prays for them. The students were really encouraged by Jan and his family.

The other group was in Croatia, Virovitica, with our former students Siniša and Daniela Ljubomiroski, who serve as missionaries in a church there. Siniša and Danijela have also lived there a year and a half. Their hard work and effort was very fruitful in the community. When they first came, there were five people in the church, but today, the church is visited by 15 to 17 people, who seek God. The students were encouraged by their work – because they are so young and God uses them so much. Their comments were that they want God to use them the same way He uses the family – on the mission field.

The aim of the Bible school is to equip mission workers. Thank God that that’s what He does through the school. The proof that it’s P1020445happening are precisely such students, who are now in full time and fruitful ministries.


„He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation..“ Mark 16:15


Please keep praying for our students and our entire work at the school. Thank you for all your support.


Riste and the HUB team


Dragi prijatelji, braćo i sestre,


U Bibliskoj školi HUB već je počela šesta nedelja. Vreme neverovatno brzo leti. U poslednjih nekoliko nedelja mnogo toga se izdešavalo.

riste slikaUgostili smo dve grupe u školi – grupu iz Švedske, koja je ovde provela 3 dana, i NVO Fokus iz Srbije, koja je u HUB-u održala konferenciju. Dok se ta konferencija održavala, studenti i jedan deo tima bili su na misijskom putovanju.

Na misijskom putovanju bili smo podeljeni u dve grupe. Jedna grupa je bila na jugu Srbije, u Vranju, u poseti našem bivšem studentu Janu Jambrihu, koji tamo radi kao misionar.

Jan sa svojom porodicom živi u Vranju već oko godinu i po dana. Osnovao je već nekoliko klubova koji se bave radom sa decom. Trenutno osniva i kućnu grupu, će ljudi dolaziti da proučavaju Božiju reč. Vranje je grad u kojem ima mnogo izbegličkih kampova, u kojima ljudi teško žive. Jan često obilazi te ljude, ohrabruje ih mole se za njih. Studenti su stvarno bili ohrabreni Janom i  njegovom porodicom.

Druga grupa je bila u Hrvatskoj, u Virovitici, kod naših bivših studenata Siniše i Danijele Ljubomiroski, koji služe kao misionari u jednoj tamošnjoj crkvi. Siniša i Danijela su takođe tamo godinu i po dana. Njegov trud i rad je doneo mnogo plodova u toj zajednici. Kada su došli, tamo je bilo petoro ljudi, a danas zajednicu posećuje petnaestoro do sedamnaestoro ljudi, koji traže Boga. Studenti su bili ohrabreni i inspirisani njihovim radom – kako su mladi a kako ih Bog upotrebljava. Njihovi komentari su bili da žele da ih Bog upotrebljava na isti način kao ovu porodicu – da idu u misiju.

Cilj Biblijske škole je da opremamo misijske radnike. Hvala Bogu što to radi kroz školu. Dokaz da se to dešava jesu upravo ovakvi studenti koji su u punovremenim i plodonosnim službama.P1020445


„I reče im: idite u sav svet i objavite evanđelje svakom stvorenju.“ Marko 16:15


Molite se i dalje za naše studente i naš celokupan rad u školi. Hvala vam za svaku podršku.


Riste i tim HUB-a




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DARKO SRNKA WRITES… “Serving Christ isn’t easy and it’s often a fight against the waves, in caring for the lost and weeping… sometimes when we see the hungry and the weak, we remember Jesus’ words – “Give them something to eat.” And other times we meet people who only want to use us. Walking on the water requires faith and a clear view of Christ…”  CLICK HERE TO READ ON

Teaching at the Bible School last week…

Gathering to pray and read at 7:15am...

It was a joy to be back in Serbia to teach through the book of Colossians last week.

There is an excellent atmosphere amongst the students and team as they serve, study, share their lives together.

Each day begins with a time of prayer and reflection around a Psalm – a different member of the community takes this each morning…

Following breakfast, studies begin.  Around thirty different teachers take a portion of the Bible each – between them covering all sixty six books in the year’s course!


With Branko from a Serbian church in Zurich, Anastasia from Russia now based in Serbia, Dragan from Montenegro…  representatives of Macedonia, the Rom people group, the Hungarian minority in the North of Serbia: there is a great range of backgrounds represented amongst the eight students!  Each have a key role to play – both in their studies now and as they head out to serve the Lord Jesus in their home areas in two months time.

Branko and Ghengis on a break in the grounds

These study days are punctuated by coffee, meals and practical work around the building – all elements that contribute to the thriving community here.

As well as studies, on Thursdays and Sundays, students and team travel across the region to support former students of the school and other local church initiatives where they also learn a lot personally through these experiences.

The team led by Riste are doing a superb job – deeply aware of their need of God’s help but also of your prayerful partnership, they are serving and inspiring the students…

All of you who receive these bulletins are strategically involved – thank you for being a part of this – we pray and serve on together.

– Andy