Summer 2014

This year we organised our second children’s summer camp. Once again God provided the resources and we were able to spend 7 days in the countryside, enjoying friendship, having fun and learning from the bible.

There were 25 children, of whom 10 were from families who don’t come to church. For some it was their first experience of this kind. The theme of the camp was courage and it was based on the story of Gideon. Each day, the children learned about God having a plan for each of our lives and that He is also able to help us fulfil it. We also sang and discussed different themes, with the children divided into their age groups for discussion.

As well as the teaching, we also had sport, free-time, games and English classes in two age groups.

Since the majority of the children are from Niš, we have remained in contact with them and regularly invite them to our youth and children’s activities. We’ve also transformed our Sunday school into a children’s club, where the learning activities are a similar style to those from the camp. Some of the children from the camp whose parents do not attend church have also shown interest in the club – and these parents are supportive of their children’s involvement with us. It’s so exciting to be able to share His word with children.

We were very blessed on the camp. As always, prior to the camp, we prayed for the team, for the children and for protection for everyone. And we really felt God’s protection.

Please, go to this link to see pictures from the camp. Enjoy!

God works!!!

We had an English camp in Backa Topola in July. About 26 teens came from Backa Topola and Pacir and had a great time while learning English, playing games and hanging out with each other.

We had prayed for opportunities to share the Gospel and the love of God, and we were blessed to see that the kids were open, very honest and felt free to ask questions. I will never forget the words of a teenager guy who claimed himself  to be an atheist, that even if he didn’t believe in God, he still enjoyed very much to listen to the conversations about Him. A girl said she wanted to start coming to the church, because “Christians at the camp were so loving”. Seven of them said that they came to faith during this camp.

We really grew close to these kids, and continue hanging out with them at the church. So far we have had 2 “follow-up programs” , the first one was a barbecue, and we organized a disco-party for them last Friday. Please pray that God would continue working in their hearts.             THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS AND SUPPORT!