News from Drago and Jaroslava

We would like to share news from our family and church in Ruma.
We are truly blessed with our brothers and sisters in the church.It is wonderful to have such a lovely family around.
We thank the Lord that we can grow and build as the body of Christ.
Psalm 133:1‚‚ How good and pleasant it is  when God’s people live together in unity!‚‚
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Holy Communion is a new thing that we started in the church in Ruma.
So far we have received Holy Communion in the church in Sremska Mitrovica.

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An interesting statistic is that in the church we have 17 people and 15 children. There is a saying: “Children are our future”. We can freely say that children are our present! We are really grateful for all the childrenin our church.
The new project that we are planning to start, as a church is to help drug addicts. We believe that God could heal these people and we are praying for God’s guidance for this new ministry. I will write more about this project in our next newsletter.
Jaroslava and I have special news that we would like to share with you. We are expecting fourth child! Jaroslava is seven months pregnant. With great pleasure we expect our sixth member of the family! Please pray for us in this exciting moment in our lives.
Please pray for our church and believers in Ruma. And also please pray for the other people to get to know real truth and life, our Lord Jesus Christ.
Thank you for  your support.
Kind regards from Chruch in Ruma
                    Drago and Jaroslava

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  1. Dear Drago and Jaroslava,
    Thank you for your news. I was so uplifted by the visit and was so encouraged to hear about the number of children you have in your church. Also may the Lord give you wisdom as you reach out to drug addicts. Also I pray for a safe delivery for your fourth child. I still remember the blessing I received when the Oak Hall Group visited your church in 2011.
    God bless
    Jenny Blake, Southampton, UK

    1. Jenny, thank you very much for your faithful support. Thank you for so often think and pray for us. Also, I really really liked your call for people to pray for Serbia during the St. Vitus.

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