Please pray for Sladjan and Jaroslava’s daughter, Sara

Here is Sladjan’s recent message in full – please pray with us all for Sara.

Our dear friends, faithful supporters, brothers and sisters,

We are writing this time in a great distress. We would like to ask you to pray for our daughter Elizabeta Sara. We don’t even know how to tell you all this.

Yesterday, on the 4th of October she was diagnosed with a large brain tumor which has to undergo an operation as soon as possible.

We took Sara to the hospital on Monday because of unusual nausea and vomiting which have been going on for a while now. On the first analysis of the head it was clear that something was wrong, and yesterday at the Children’s Hospital she was diagnosed. with it. We are now at the Neurosurgery Institute where Sara is waiting to be operated on. The surgery should take place next week.

We are all still in shock. All this seems like a bad dream that we should all wake up from. The doctors have said that a great struggle is in front of us. We are trying to understand it. We are now asking you to be with us and fight with us. We believe that God is in control of every situation and that nothing happens outside our Lord’s knowledge and sight. We trust Him even though we do not understand all this. It hurts and we cry, but we trust HIM, because that is the only thing that we have in this difficult and fallen world we live in.

Dear friends, please pray with us that God is glorified and and His will is done. Please share this with people around you and in your churches.
Thank you for everything.
Sladjan, Jaroslava, Sara and Jana Milenkovic


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  1. We pray in the Name that is above every name. We pray for His will to be done in the life of your dear Elizabeta Sara and your family, even as His will is already currently being done in Heaven. To the very glory of God.

  2. Praying for you all as a family, and especially for Sara that God will guide the surgeons and give them his wisdom, and bring his healing to Sara. May you know His strength, love and comfort in a special way at this time. With love, Helen xx

  3. We are very sorry to hear this but wanted you to know we are praying in New Zealand for healing and for God to be glorified in this situation. We pray for wisdom and peace fro you all at this difficult time. With love from Paul, Leanne and the Nobilo’s.

  4. Dear Sladjan and Jaroslava, Greetings in the precious name of Jesus! So sorry to hear of Sara’s illness. I have just this minute read your email and felt moved both to pray for her and to let you know you are all being upheld before the throne of grace. I have read your posts over the years and think of you often. I am the pastor of a church in Kent, UK from which congregation Val Newman came who has visited out with you in the Bible school quite often. We do remember you in our church and have prayed for you in times past. Please be assured of our prayers now. May you all be sustained during this difficult time.. Yours in the bonds of Calvary love, Clive Jones. Staplehurst.

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