Pray for Sara


Our dear friends and all of you who are thinking and praying for Sara and our family,

Thank you for standing with us faithfully in these times when we need your prayers and support so much. I am writing this letter as I sit next to Sara in the hospital before the very beginning of the third cycle of chemotherapy. We are halfway done, but thank God for all the strength and guidance so far. We’ve been going through a rough period, but we have truly seen God work in many situations. God is here and He answers prayers, hears the cries and responds. We’ve been able to see many times how God shows His grace and helps in these moments when it’s really hard. We have seen Him do miracles and the doctors confirm it, we have seen Him give the supernatural strength when the human strength is completely gone. He is faithful, always, even when our faith yields, our worries overpower us and our flesh takes over us and disables us to see clearly. He is faithful.

Sara is a great fighter and her spirit, warmth and joy not only do not decrease, but increase daily and radiate on all of us. Even though she hasn’t had a single normal meal in two months, and that she has to take blood transfusion, food through her veins, that she has nauseas and that she has to go through frequent procedures in the hospital, she is a happy girl who enjoys life, rejoices that her Mom and her sisters are now here with her, that she can read, play, even run sometimes, go to church…

We are happy that her last results from a few days ago are good and there are no signs of the further development of the disease. These are really encouraging and good news, but we still have a long way to go. The fact that we are all here now as a family is a big thing for Sara and each one of us.


Our baby Lena is doing well, she is growing and is very cute. Jana has started going to a very good school recently and it’s great how God has wonderfully lead all that.



Thank you for your letters, emails, messages, prayers and every kind of support that you give us. Thank you all who are forwarding the news about Sara and encouraging others to pray for Sara. Thank you all who might not be contacting us, but are reading this and mentioning Sara in your prayers. Thank you all who don’t know us personally, but you have a little 9 year old girl who loves life and is fighting this disease on your heart.



At the end, dear friends, never forget this: “For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations. “ Ps. 100:5.

Thankfully and sincerely yours,

Sladjan, Jaroslava, Sara, Jana & Lena

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