Here, Vladimir – who has just graduated – shares his story.

I’m Vlada from a Slovak village called Padina in north Serbia and I have just graduated from the Bible School.

I first went to church when I was nine years old – my Mum started to go to church and I went with her.  On my tenth birthday, I said to everyone in the church that I wanted to follow Jesus.  When I was fourteen, just before I went to High School, I thought I would stop walking with Jesus but through nearly being involved in an accident that could have killed me and various other events, God showed me that He still had His hand on my life.  I began to more seriously read the Bible and to pray.  I felt challenged to admit before God and others that I was a sinner who needed God’s grace… I tried to seek peace with those who lived around me and to seek God’s touch in my life.  I began to experience God’s Word living in and changing me.

I finished my year at the Bible School at Christmas time following what has been a year of growth for me.  Some of the best times have been taking my notes from lectures in the day and in the early evening finding a quiet space to go through them and reflect on them alone.

Pray for Vladimir as he begins to serve in Padina…

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