Banja Luka – Sinisa

Here in Banja Luka, the highlight has been to spend time with Sinisa.

Sinisa has been in this city since 1997 where he has been involved with humanitarian work and church planting.

Tonight Sinisa told all of us his story – the horror of civil war: parents arrested due to their ethnicity, his girlfriend one side of the lines, while he was separated on the other… friends were killed and with death seemingly inevitable he cried out to an unknown God, “If you are there…”

Then, a miraculous change of situation that released him to return to his family. He received humanitarian aid and heard a message of God’s Love shown through Jesus Christ. Questions, seeking… and finally a decision to bow before the One who is the King of Kings – Sinisa trusted his life to Jesus Christ.

After a time of being a part of a local church, Sinisa – now married to Olja – decided they should return to Bosnia to tell others about Jesus Christ who is the Prince of Peace. They studied at the Bible School and then left for Banja Luka.

We pray on for this key family.

In the morning we leave for Serbia.

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  1. SINISA….If you ever read this I am james and I pray to Our Father that great strength and stability be given to you and your Christian community…you are history makers.

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