DAY 5: “Visiting two Churches…”


Today we are all suited and booted and off to two churches: one in Belgrade and one in Ruma.

The sun is shining and we are all lovely and clean despite the power cut! It looks set to be a good day.

We are currently on our way to Belgrade where we have been asked to sing some songs, I have voted for ‘Our God is a Great Big God’.

In Ruma we will double the size of Drago’s congregation and hopefully provide some encouragement.

We have a guitar on our bus so I’m hoping Andy will lead us in worship as we drive through the glorious Serbian countyside.


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  1. What a lot of new faces and different experiences.If there’s a guitar and And is handy the day will usualy be saved.God bless you all as today…Monday….you will be traveling back….the memories will linger on long after you are whee ever your homes are.

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