Ruma and the Church that Meet with Drago and Jaroslava…



We are travelling east towards Belgrade after being encouraged by worshipping in Ruma near the Croatian border. This was a small church which reminded us of gatherings in homes in the times of Acts. (But nobody fell out of the window!)

Just as in the church in Belgrade this morning, we were overcome by how powerfully God is working to give life in all its fulness and freedom to those who trust in Jesus Christ.

Drago – who I last met when he was a Bible School student in 2004 – is leading a church with particular heart for drug users. Drago found freedom from drugs after his encounter with Jesus and his call from God is to point others to this Him.

Andy reminded us in his teaching from 1 John that we aren’t condemned by our past, but freed by Christ’s death for our sins. That’s the reason we could all join in so joyfully in Serbian and English singing “The greatest day in history, death is beaten you have rescued me …”

We know the reality of these words – ask any of us who spontaneously sang, praised, worshipped our way through 15 or 20 songs last night in the kitchen of the Bible School when we really should have been crashing out after an exhausting couple of days!

Anyway, now it’s pizza in Belgrade at 9.30 p.m. Then rest … or perhaps more songs together!!!



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  1. Greetings from Taunton, Somerset (where our Sunday temperatures climbed into the 30’s!) at the end of your Sunday which it was so good to read about. Wishing you well for the remainder of your trip.
    Love and Prayers from Taunton via the Blackmores’ computer, and to Mervyn a special message from Anne –
    “Of all the places you could have fulfilled your lifelong ambition of using a ride-on mower, you chose your special country Serbia! Love you darling! Anne xx”

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