DAY 8: YU67 has landed.

After covering approaching 1000kms around Serbia, meeting up with 18 Bible School graduates, delivering aid, sharing with children, helping to develop a children’s camp ground, visiting 2 churches and studying 1 John in 13 sessions… YU67 has landed back in London.

As well as helping in practical ways, sharing the Message of Jesus in words and action and gaining a unique insight into some of the situation in Serbia, we are returning changed, and inspired for the challenges that await us as we serve the Lord Jesus in our home towns…

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We praise God for your partnership!

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  1. Ah well,I expect that week actualy flew by!! It is amazing the number of experiences that made up that week,I know it was much more than interesting food but having a meal with these ‘older’ cultures means a deeper thing to the actual people.Welcome back…you’ll never be the same again.God Bless…..Blessings to you and the family Andy.

  2. We have really enjoyed reading your blog each day and praying for you all.
    God is doing an amazing thing in Serbia. We must join you another time
    Gd bless
    Fred and Rachel Smythl

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