NEWS from the HUB ministry – please read and pray

HUB Prayer Bulletin – November 2015

Zrenjaninski put bb, 11213 Belgrade, Serbia,;

THE NEW, 20th generation of students are here !

The year 1996 sounds so long ago now, the year when two young people, Andy and Faye Mayo came to Serbia and started the Bible school, back then located in the North of Serbia, in Bački Petrovac. How much effort, courage and faith was needed to start something like this in this region!  Who could have even thought what the future would bring, what further steps the School would take and where God would lead us.

God is amazing! We have been witnesses of His guidance, grace and care throughout all of these years. We give thanks to Him for having been so faithful to prosper and develop the Bible school ministry, and for making it a blessing to nations across the Balkans. So far, there have been altogether 350 students of the Bible school, and today we can see them as leaders, servants, and initiators of many things in churches, organizations and mission fields across the region. Amazing!

Many of you who are reading this have been a part of all this. You have been praying and supporting this ministry all these years. God has blessed many people through you. Thank you for your faithfulness and endurance over the years.

Here we are now, with our 20th generation of students. We have 22 students here, who go forth through what God calls them: to study the Scripture, to grow spiritually, and to become equipped to take the gospel all over the world.

This is the vision of the school and our prayer for them – we want churches strong, the Gospel proclaimed, and God glorified!


“The HUB Bible school is a place of an immense importance for my spiritual growth and knowing God. I would recommend it not only to those Christians who are preparing for ministry, but also to every believer.Igor Mudri, student, Serbia

Magdalena biltenThe most blessed time of my life is precisely this year that I’m spending at HUB. I’ve experienced  a real spiritual refreshment, a true peace and joy in many areas of my life. I am blessed through the growth in knowing God and His word, through the improvement in communication and fellowship with the students, and knowing myself, my gifts and my new visions for ministry better. Magdalena Nikolova, student, Macedonia

HUB Kamp nade

HUB ministry through summer camps !

For the first time at HUB, we organized family camps for parents with disabled children and children treated for cancer.

11900000_989238021126873_5788022543152046539_nWhat a privilege to serve them and be a part of something like this! From volunteers to each family and child, we were all so blessed that it’s hard to express with words. After much work and many preparations we expected it to be good, but it even exceeded our expectations. We would like to go on with this and have such and similar camps in HUB next year too. Please pray for this, join us in this, encourage others to pray, support us either by volunteering or helping a family financially, so that they can be here. We trust it will be a blessing for you.

We believe that serving these families and children who are going through the most difficult life experiences is precisely what Jesus would do.

Here is an impression of some families after the camp:

„It was only at your camp that we felt like people. Only at your camp did we feel that someone really cared. Only at your kamp sa did the emotions become overwhelming. You and your volunteers treated our children like people, and the amount of faith, hope and love that you gave to us parents had to bring about all those tears, and then a feeling of huge gratitude. You did it all with measure, sincerely, without condescension and connivance. Only people pure and persistent in their faith can do that.“

At this link, please, take a look at the video with a song that marked our summer camps.


Thank you so much for praying for Sara and our family. God stays faithful and we are happy that she’s recovering well. There are no signs of disease, which is fantastic. Even though many things we are now facing and those that are coming are not easy, we are convinced that God gives us strength and guides us step by step. We want to be and stay faithful to Him for Sara’s and our future. Please keep praying for Sara, for us, for wisdom, for patience in our further steps and plans in every day and every challenge that we face. Thank you wholeheartedly.

Thank you for standing with us and HUB and Bible school ministry all these years. God is faithful and meets all our needs according to the riches of His glory (Philippians 4:19).

In the end we want to pray for you with the words of Apostle Paul: ’…be strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience…’ (Colossians 1:11).

Your sincerely,

Sladjan and Jaroslava Milenković, with HUB team and students

Nove vesti od Milenkovica – jun 2013.


Dragi prijatelji,

Veliki pozdrav iz Memfisa od svih nas Milenkovića. Radujemo se što možemo da vam se opet javimo sa vestima, a takođe i da vam zahvalimo za vaše molitve i svu podršku koju nam pružate.

Najveća stvar za nas je da je Sara završila hemoterapijama. Slava Bogu!

Bilo je teško, ali je gotovo. Njeno telo je mnogo oslabljeno posle svega, nije uzimala hranu skoro četiri meseca i sada to ide veoma polako. Pred nama je sada njen oporavak i nadamo se da će to ići dobro. Molimo se da što pre počne koliko toliko normalno da jede.

Ono što nas je mnogo obradovalo i ohrabrilo je to da su njeni zadnji nalazi skenera od prošle nedelje jako dobri. Uopšte nema znakova tumora i to je odlično. Hvala Bogu! Doktori su veoma zadovoljni kako je sve išlo. Molimo se da tako i ostane.

Još uvek neznamo kada idemo kući, to zavisi od Sarinog oporavka, ali očekujemo da to bude do kraja jula. Nekako nam je teško verovati da ćemo ići uskoro kući.

Naša Jana je završila sa školom, a naš najmlađi član porodice, Sofija Lena, raste i svi uživamo sa njom.

Bog je zaista pokazao i pokazivao svoje milosrđe u sred svih bura kroz koje smo prolazili. Kroz mnošto ljudi i okolnosti mogli smo videti kako je On, naš nebeski Otac nad svime. I ne samo to, nego nas je učio i uči kako još više i bolje da mu verujemo. Bog nam je obećao večni život kroz veru u Njegovog Sina Isusa Hrista, ali On nam nije obećao i da će naš zemaljski život biti bez boli. Elizabet Eliot je rekla: „Patnja nikada nije uzalud. Ona je tu da bi ti i ja mogli da se saobrazimo sa likom Hrista.”

Hvala vam dragi prijatelji što ste uz nas na ovom „putovanju“ i hvala za istrajnosti u vašim molitvama. Molimo vas da nastavite da se molite za Saru i za sve nas.

Iskreno vaši,

Slađan, Jaroslava, Sara, Jana i Lena

Greetings and news from Memphis – 11. feb. 2013.


Memphis 2/11/2013

Dear friends,

Greetings from Memphis. Sara and I are back here after almost one month of our time spent home. It was good to spend time together after two months.

Great news!

The new MRI results showed that there are no new signs of the disease in her body and that everything seems much better than on a previous scan before the radiation therapy. Even a little metastatic spot that they found that was worrying us, is now far smaller than it was. The doctors were very satisfied and encouraged. Thank God for this. It is very encouraging for us.

In front of us

As soon as we arrived, the long days of many examinations and procedures for Sara’s next therapies began. The further therapy will consist of taking her stem cells, before the first cycle of the chemotherapy and putting them back into her blood after the chemotherapy. This procedure is performed because Sara is in a group of high-risk patients and because she will be taking high dosages of chemotherapy.

The first cycle of chemotherapy starts on February 16. Please pray that Sara is able to bear it and that the side effects of the therapy would be minimal. The conversations that I’ve had with the doctors and the specialized literature that I got to read other than useful information bring also fear. You know, the real challenge for us is the conflict between theological knowledge and practical application as we go through the feelings of pain and sadness, as well as thankfulness and joy, insecurity and fear even though we trust God’s providence and sovereignty.

Thank you!

But what we would like to say is a big THANKS to those of you who are with us in this, praying for us and encouraging other people to do it, helping us wholeheartedly in many ways. It is a huge thing for us to know that we are not by ourselves in this and that God gave us each other. Thanks so much to those of you who helped us practically so that Jaroslava and the children can come, so that we can all be here together. We are really touched by the way that God is providing. Isn’t it true that every hair on our heads is numbered? Won’t God then take care of his children much better than we are for our own? 

The list of those we are thankful to is too long to write it here, but here’s what sustains us in everything – God is faithful and good.

The chorus of this well-known song inspires us to trust the one who is worthy of our trust, who never changes and who is the same yesterday, today and forever.

„And I’ll praise You in this storm
And I will lift my hands
For You are who You are
No matter where I am
And every tear I’ve cried
You hold in Your hand
You never left my side
And though my heart is torn
I will praise You in this storm.“

 Sincerely yours,

 Sladjan and Sara, with the family