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Oak Hall in Serbia

Oak Hall in Serbia began when a few friends brought some medicine to a civil-war-torn Yugoslavia in 1992.

Since then, thousands of tonnes of humanitarian aid have been distributed personally into the hands of those who need it, a Bible College has been established in Belgrad and hundreds of graduates from this college have moved across the Balkans to establish new churches or to serve their communities in other ways.  All this has been backed up by many from outside the Balkans vitising the region with Oak Hall and become engaged in praying for this work.

It is the prayer of those who faithfully stand with us that makes the greatest difference to the work.  Up until today, we’ve been communicating with those who pray through old-school e-mails and letters.  With such a dynamic work and such a need for prayer, we are now going to use this blog.  We’ll also be backing up the blog by sending news by e-mail every month or so…

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Thank you for your prayerful partnership.

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