Thank you for Using the Oak Hall in Serbia Prayer-Blog!

Thank you for clicking to this blog – today we sent an e-mail to all of those friends who have been praying for the work in the Balkans.  Some have been praying for a few weeks, others have been praying for many years.  Without this partnership, the story would be very different.  We praise God for you!

Up until today, we’ve been communicating with those who pray through e-mails and letters.  With such a dynamic work and such a need for prayer, we are now going to use this blog.  We’ll be adding snippets of news every week or so.  For now we’ll also be backing up the blog by sending news by e-mail every month…

The best way to keep right up to date is to subscribe to this blog using the e-mail link or the RSS feed on the right.

On this new site you also can add comments to pages, download a PowerPoint presentation, read again the “story so far”, find out about giving to the work…  We hope that it’s useful and that it deepens our partnership with each other…

Thank you for being such a vital part of this work!

– Andy and Faye

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  1. Really good to get the blog link.
    I regularly think of & pray for the work in Serbia.
    Many blessings on all of you there and everyone who visits to teach and support the valuable work.

  2. I second Mervyn’s comments. It’s great to be able to connect even from a long way off. When I read the main Blog I just rejoiced that my family and I are able to be part of an amazing work God is doing. My wife and our three young children pray for the work weekly. We feel a strong connection as my great grandparents on my fathers side are from the Balkans region and came to settle in New Zealand where we were born and currently live.

    So many blessings from the Nobilo’s in New Zealand.

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