Dear friends in the Lord ,

There goes the whole summer , autumn is already coming, and it is time to write you a few words about us and our services in the beautiful city of Kraljevo.       Throughout the summer holidays we had a bunch of activities, some for children, some for adults.

For the first time, children from the Roma (Gyspy) settlement in Kraljevo had the opportunity to experience the magic of the Christian camp , they were thrilled .  Still today, they are singing happy songs that were learned there СликаСлика


We also had a youth camp, and there were young people from Kraljevo who for the first time attended.  They sang Christian songs, prayed, read the Bible , attended workshops …

One young man,  Stephen, said ” I’m sorry I did not come sooner !”

Last month we had a great event city.  We were thankful to find a way to use the opportunity to evangelize. The city calls it  ” pasuljijada “, which means beans.  The entire city has the opportunity to compete mainly in cooking and advertising their companies, organizations, and associations … We advertised the pure gospel . We cooked a big pot of beans and distributed them to the people.  While they were eating lunch at our booth, they had the opportunity to talk with someone on our team about spiritual matters.  The event and our volunteers were all very well coordinated.  That’s something only God can unite , as one witness , others share literature , the third served … (over 180 people !).   To top it off, we won second place in cooking!  It really is a wonderful way God can use us in such a unique and creative way.СликаСлика

We continue with our ordinary activities, inclucding, hanging out with the associations of the disabled, leaving the Roma settlement , we have a workshop with children from the neighborhood , brother Josh intensely holds very successful English classes , and most importantly has a regular home group every week.

We are extremely pleased that a small group grows, occasionally new friends come and also our regular and well-established friends Mark and Dejan, who gave their lives to Christ.   СликаСлика           

This last image is a building that we prayed about in the last year, if you want you can join us in prayer as well as everything else. It should be a place of our meetings , workshops , forums , a word, a versatile location for the glory of the Lord .

And as the most beautiful news to end this letter, we send you a message , we expect another member of the family who is due to arrive sometime in May , the Lord willing , by then hopefully more good news , and events that the Lord has prepared for us , and our friends and Kraljevo .

In Christ’s love , your missionaries from Kraljevo

Jovica , Catherine, Isidora, Doriana , Mark and …

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  1. Great to hear what the Lord continues to do in Kraljevo. Great to hear how you used a local event to evangelise and congratulations (cestujem) that you won second prize in the cooking. Great to hear about your building and your news about Josh – is he still giving American football lessons? All the best as you move into the Christmas season and no doubt deliver parcels to those in need.
    Jenny Blake
    Southampton, UK

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