Dear friends,

P1040631After a while, we are writing to you again with brief information and encouragements about how God is working and is being glorified in the lives of the students of the Bible school. Currently we’re in the 8th week of the 1st term. Time flies unbelievably fast! Our 16 students have had a chance to study many books of the Bible so far with many teachers from this country and abroad. All of them have already gotten used to the way things work in the Bible school: the lectures, the essays, daily chores, practical days, visits to churches etc. It is also a huge encouragement for us to see how their lives are being changed through all this. During the previous, 7th week, the students had lectures on the Book of Joshua, Ecclesiastes and Philippians. We spent the practical day in the town of Jabuka, where we visited a Home for people with developmental disabilities. On Sunday, we also visited a new founded church in Belgrade…

Follow us in the following weeks as well and please pray for the students and the ministry we have with them.

Thank you very much.

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