HUB Bible School – 02/27/2013

                     Our dear brothers and sisters in Christ,


The sixth week has finished, the exams and the main essays finished with it. The students worked hard and scored good results on the  exam. Their average score was 80%. Even though the students were happy with the results, they are now even more motivated to study the Word of God even harder on the following exams.

Visits to Churches

Even in this busy week we visited three fellowships where mainly our former students serve. On Thursday, we visited the Pentacostal church in Kikinda for the first time, which our students Miloš Tatomir attends. On Suday morning we visited the Baptist church in Padina, where our student Vladimir Horniaček serves, and in the afternoon we visited the Baptist church in Kikinda where our students Duško Martinov and Darko Kokan serve.

On average, we visit about 30-40 churches across the whole Serbia during the year.


Prayer request:

Lately, we’ve been in need for a person who would serve in the school as a cook. It is a very significant ministry, with a great responibility, but a great blessing too. Please pray that God would give us the right person who would serve in this way in our school. Thank you for supporting us in this way too.

Thank God for the successful last week and for everything that he did and used for his glory.
For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen


(Romans 11:36)

Riste and the HUB team

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  1. Dear Riste,

    Glad to see that the Bible School is working well under your leadership. I constantly pray for you all as well as for Sladjan, Jaroslava, Sara and the two other girls. I remember meeting you when on the last Oak Hall trip in June ’11 and am looking forward to coming out again in August.

    Many blessings to you in your work for God

    Vas u Isusu

    Mervyn Roberts

  2. Dear Riste,
    Greetings in Christ!
    So good to keep up with the news from the Bible school as well as news of the health of dear Sara. I have been praying for this ministry since I first became aware of it when I became pastor of the Free Church in Staplehurst Kent, back in 2000. Keep up the good work and praise the Lord for the way you are able, in a whole variety of ways to impart the life of Christ to those He has called you and your graduates to serve.
    Yours in His joy,
    Clive Jones

    1. Thank you for the wonderful words of encouragement and support of our ministry, as well as for your prayers. God bless you in you ministry.
      Your brother in Christ,


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