HUB students, Zeljko and Marija’s explain their stories…


My family are Orthodox – I grew up a religious man, praying every night… 

Two years ago, a man called Daniel, who had studied during the the eleventh year of the Bible School here in Belgrade, invited my sister to a group where they talked about Jesus. She came home delighted about Him. I knew that Jesus is the great King – but I had never had any personal connection with Him. When my sister talked to me about Jesus in a personal way, I was very intrigued and asked to come with her to the next meeting…

I realised that I needed to respond personally to His sacrifice for me and this is when everything changed… I was later baptised and am now committed to helping Daniel and others in my church to share the Message of Jesus with our town!

I am here in the school to grow spiritually, to know God’s Word better so that I can share this Good News in turn with others around me.



I’m from Negotin in Macedonia. I came to know Jesus only in January of this year.

In my home town there were some public lectures in the theatre about spiritual themes. I came and heard the story of Zachaeus. I was struck by the words, “The Son of Man came to seek and save what was lost…”  I felt lost – one reason for this was because I had not known my father – he left us before I was even born and was then killed in a car accident when I was eleven. I spent my life trying to find a father’s love in my friends or in my boyfriend but I never found it. I was searching for what I was missing but didn’t know where to look.

At this lecture, I received a Bible as a present and began to read it.

I worked in a bakery and the owners talked with me and encouraged me to respond to what I was reading. I went to meet with this couple’s church where the Message of Jesus brought me to tears. I prayed – I wanted Jesus to forgive me and clean me and I wanted to follow Him.

I began to help my church by telling others about the fulfillment that Jesus brings to a person’s life, travelling to the towns around our own.

I have now come to the Bible School now because I want to know God’s Word better and to mature spiritually. I sense that I am growing and changing here.

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