Dear brothers, sisters and friends,

P1010308This week, life at HUB is back to its normal course. After week one, where we had a number of guests from Serbia and America, in week two there are only our students and the HUB team left.

A teacher from Scotland, Howel Jones joined us. He visited us with his wife Anne this time. Howel always teaches in a unique and special way, this time I and II Chronicles. Howel has been with us from the very beginnings of the school’s work and is a huge support and encouragement for the students and all of us.

Also, Andy Mayo was with us last week. He taught the epistle to Colossians. It is always special time for the students when Andy is here, because he spends much time with the students even outside the classes. Andy is well known for always encouraging our students, praying with them, playing the guitar for them…

We are so grateful to Howel, Anne and Andy for all the time they have given to us and our students this week. God has blessed us so much through them.

The practical day and visit to church

For the practical day, we went with the students to Pancevo to a youth meeting. Our students served the youth through songs, testimonies and the Word of God. On Sunday, we were also at a service, at a very small church where our former students Igor and Anita Urosevic P1010672are, who founded the church. We had a very blessed time. We were so encouraged by their desire to sing the songs of praise to the Lord. We were especially blessed by seeing that the members of this church enjoyed our visit too, and that they want to see us again soon.

As the end of the school year is approaching, our students are starting to think about their future plans, while we are thinking about the preparations for the next school year. One of our students, Simonce Misev, shared with us his impressions about his studies so far and his future plans:

»When I first came to the Bible school, I came with a goal to get closer to God and get to know him better. God has been truly revealing himself to me through lectures, changing my life through the relationships with the other students and speaking to me daily. He has been teaching me how to serve him in humility and that everything I do, I should be doing to God’s glory. My desire and prayer for the future is to work with the people who are in drug problems, and also share the gospel with them. For the start, I would like to finish the second year of the Bible school, which I believe would help my edification and practical preparation for further ministry.«

Please pray for the generation that finishes, for God to reveal them where he wants them to serve him. Also, please pray for the new students, for God to give them the desire at the right time to come and study the Word of God.

Thank you so much for supporting us and for being a part of our ministry.

Riste and the HUB team

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