Our dear friends,


We are writing again at the beginning of the eight week of the third term at HUB Bible school. We would like to inform you briefly how the last week went and how you can pray for us.

 P1020641In the past two weeks, our school has been visited by four teachers: our long term teachers John Baigent and Norman Tharby, then James Arnold who has been coming since last year, and a teacher who came for the first time, Rob Schaffer. With them, our students studied Jeremiah, Lamentations, Numbers, 2nd Corinthians and Ephesians.

In the past two weeks we have also visited two churches. For the fist time after a longer period of time, we’ve been to the Baptist church in Novi Sad, and to the Evangelical church at Banovo Brdo, and were truly blessed at those services. It is always good to see the old friends and see what God has been doing in their lives.

Last Thursday, we organized a special lunch at the school for the families with disabled children, which was attended by a few families from Opovo and surrounding villages. In the past years they have also been coming to camps, in the organization of which we have been participating, so we already have great friendships and longer cooperation with them. It was really blessed to talk to the parents about everything that had been happening in their lives in the meantime, and enjoy with the children who were playing table tennis, football and many other things.P1020720

I think that you can see for yourselves that these are very intense weeks at the school. At the same time, these are the last weeks of school for our students, who are all finishing the first year. This is also a time of preparation for the final essays and exams, and the time of making decisions about a potential coming to the second year, about going back to the churches or starting a new ministry for our students.

Please pray for our students and help them make the right decisions in such a way. Pray also for those who are thinking of enrolling the first year in October, as well as for the team to have God’s guidance, strength and wisdom as they serve in the school during these last and intense weeks.


Thank you for reading our news, praying for us and supporting us in every other way.


We desire you every blessing in Christ,


Riste and the HUB team


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