3 Replies to “News from the Milenkovic family – August 2013.”

  1. I am praying that Sara will continue to recover and soon be able to lead a normal life. God is indeed faithful and the One whose arms are around us and underneath us.
    Faithful One, so unchanging
    Faithful One, You’re my Rock of Peace.
    Lord of all I depend on You;
    I call out to You again and again,
    I call out to You again and again.
    You are my Rock in times of trouble,
    You lift me up when I fall dow.
    All through the storms Your love is the anchor
    My hope is in You alone.
    Powerful words by Stuart Townend that have comforted me since my husband was suddenly called home a month ago.

    May you all rest in the sure certainty that God IS in control.

    Love and prayers for you all as a family and for the work in Serbia

  2. Good luck to your daughter. I am from the Milenkovic family and was interested as their isn’t many of us in the world. My dad was born in Australia but the rest of his family in Serbia. He died 9 years ago of brain cancer. I would love to come to Serbia one day

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