Dear friends, brothers and sisters,


banketThe students of the 17th generation have now finished their 1st year at the school. During the year, the lectures were very intense. There have been many practical services, humanitarian events, visits to churches, mission journeys. In a few words, we can say that it was very busy, not always easy, but very blessed, both for the students and the school team.

The 1st year was finished by eight students from different parts of former Yugoslavia: from Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Montenegro. We even had one student from Switzerland.

During the three semesters they all grew spiritually, in character, and in relationships. They were getting to know the Word of God and God Himself.

As a school, we have tried to serve the students and prepare them for the ministry and mission. We are still praying for them, and would like to ask you too to pray for God to use them for His glory. Pray also for the next generation of students, for God to lift up the true hearts which would want to study His Word, desire to be edified and give glory to God with their lives.

Since June 24, youth camps have started in the facilities of our building. This summer, we will host six groups of campers. We are happy to be a part of these events, where many children and teenagers come, and we’re glad that they can meet Christ at a place like HUB.riste

With this, we would also like to bring you another happy news. On August 31, two members of our team, Riste (me) and Teodora will solemnly celebrate the beginning of their marriage. Preparations for the event are ahead of us so please pray that everything would go well. Also, pray that God would use our relationship and marriage to His glory.


We wish you many greetings and God’s blessings.


Riste and the HUB team

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  1. Congratulations on the forthcoming wedding! I have been married for 44 years and can thoroughly recommend the institution. We have some members of our church who celebrate their 60th anniversary tomorrow. Indeed they came on one of the trips out to the Bible school some years ago with Val Newman. Their names are Peter and Hazel Knowles. I have just retired from being a pastor after 40 years but still have plenty to do! Thank you for keeping me up to date so I can pray for you and the other students. Yours in Christ, Clive Jones

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