Introduction to the City of Kraljevo

Introduction to the City of Kraljevo


The first mention of the name “Rudo Polje”, dating from the distant year 1476 and later given the name “Karanovac”. The final title of “king,” was established in 1882 during the visit of King Milan Obrenovic, at the request of residents.

Otherwise the Kraljevo has great significance because in Orthodoxy is counted as a spiritual center of the Serbian state at the end of the original 12th century monastery Studenica raising, which is in the municipality of Kraljevo and Zica monastery, which was founded in the early 13th century, where he was crowned the first Serbian king Stefan Prvovencani(1217) and later the other 6 Dynasty kings Nemanjić, there is also a medieval city “Maglić” located in the valley of lilac.

Kraljevo is located in the center of the region called “sumadija” and is located at 180 km.southwest of Belgrade. It lies on the banks of three rivers (Ibar,West Morava, Ribnica), also in his district has two major resort and spa “Goc”. The town itself has 58 thousand inhabitants, while the whole municipality has over 122 thousands and is increasing due to the settlement of refugees from Kosovo who first freely take refuge there. The population is mainly of Serbian origin in 80% while the remaining 20% ​​are Muslims, Roma, and perhaps even by a nation.
From the religious point of view, the inhabitants were mainly Orthodox committed by fathers heritage, unfortunately poorly knowing the Scriptures and the Gospel at all. My rough estimate 70% of the people do not know the difference between the New and Old Testament! In addition to an Orthodox church and the church in Kraljevo, and also of the Catholic Church (not active).
Our vision is that every person that is: 1 – read the Bible and pray;
2 – has a personal relationship with God and peace; 

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